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  1. I just received a Japanese Market kit with the bag this week. Picked it up from Jason, and the kit is number 01016. I've not been this interested in a new release in a very long time. I'm not going to build this one but have another US kit in the pipeline that will end up on the workbench. Thought I would post this thread to all the TC members who are steadily getting their kits in the post. We might get an idea of production numbers with member posts (i.e., Serial Numbers, With bag/Without, ect). Some interesting things I've found about this kit; 1. YES, The body is nearly identical to the original 58001 (White, Green, Red, & Black). That means you can use your old metal body clips and mount the body on a vintage chassis! 2. Tamiya has changed the clear glass parts tree. The frames for the side windows are molded into the windows eliminating the small black frame pieces from an original 58001 kit. 3. Per Tamiya's original statement that the Polycarb body was for running, and the Polystyrene body was for display, that is definately the case. The body clips in the new kit mount into the body rocker area per an original body. This new system is more of a "quick clamp" type for easy installation and removal. Definately not a secure mount for a runner. The Black Porsche manual in the new kit clearly states that the Polystyrene body is designed for display only. 4. The decal sheet is very similar to the original decals of the 1978 Black Porsche. 5. Tamiya has redesigned the door mounting for the new Black Body. Looks more secure than the old plastic sheet reinforced system in the old kits. Once built, you wont see the difference on the shelf. As members get their new kits, look them over and let us know what you find. As for me, I've got a vintage 58001 chassis that is waiting for a shinny new Black Body. Life is good!!!!!!!!
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    The Tamiya101.com voting is now closed.

    I did contact him after I had been informed by another TC member. No reply to my emails....... As to the question of what did I have to lose? Nothing. But my car is still posted on their site as a monthly winner, and truth be told, the photo was taken from my TC showroom without my knowledge or consent. Just saying, that site does not honor what they say they stand for.
  3. 442xcar

    The Tamiya101.com voting is now closed.

    Hmmm. All I know about that site is someone submitted one of my cars to their monthly photo contest. My car was selected as the winner of the "prize", but alas, there was NO prize. Typical sham.....
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    Older buggies are coolest!

    ..... and then there is the Zahak!
  5. F2001 Ferrari AWD 84 MPH Novak 5.5L (light) Sensored Brushless Motor Stock 20t pinion, Stock 55t spur gear, Stock (glued) Tamiya Type A (hard) Tires Stock kit supplied bearings Mamba Max Pro ESC w/Smartsense Turnigy 30c 7.2v 2s Lipo (8.4 v actual) Cell Phone GPS Comments; 84 MPH. This was the maiden run on July 29th, 2011. Run was made in a massive and flat parking lot. Outside temp was a blistering 98 degrees (f). Believe it or not, even at this speed the car was just strolling along. The F201 Ferrari is the perfect chassis for high speed. I think the semi scale aero of this F1 chassis actually works at extreme speed. The type A hard tires were selected to go easy on the drivetrain for the maiden outing. Speed was limited due to the the minimal braking profile program on the esc and resulting limit on stopping area at end of run. Braking profile is being reprogrammed for next run. Plans to use Type B sticky tires and certified radar gun for an official 100 mph plus run this weekend. Should be a piece of cake. PS, the little Michael Schumaker looked right at home in the cockpit.
  6. News Flash!!!! This milestone kit will be the "Zahhak" Gold Edition. There's a guy with a can of cheap spraypaint working overtime in the PI factory. Tamiya had to do something really special to get rid of all those lame kits nobody wanted. An exclusive addition to this kit will be Tamiya's first ever self destructing instructions (you only get to read them once and then they sponteneously burst into a pile of ash).
  7. I don't buy the Chinese rip-offs. Don't even give them a second look. To quote you, Tamiya is clamping down where they can (TamiyaClub.com) and similar operations that have profited for years without obstruction by Tamiya. As stated earlier in this thread, my main gripe is paying TC for a service that I'm no longer receiving. No mention on compensation from TC. Just they same ol' "smoke and mirrors" of "well, it was good while it lasted". What? What about the services I "purchased" with my membership, that I'm no longer receiving? The problem the club is having with Tamiya is all centered on the revenue stream TC enjoys in part from copyrighted products from Tamiya. Bam! Case closed........... Greed....
  8. I'm with you Brother!
  9. Like I said early on in this topic, China is gearing up to exploit this blunder by Tamiya. I've already seen the begginings of a flood of repro decals from HK and mainland China. Copyrights? Ha! Look at the F103 knock offs out there. Who sells more 1/16 Tanks? Heng Long or Tamiya? Duh! Tamiya used to get my dollars because I respected the quality. This recent attitude change towards the foundation of old Tamiya loyalists has changed not only mine, but many others opinions. The re-re wave drove away the Uber collectors. This copyright enforcement against vintage out of production items will drive away the core of TC. RIGHT NOW, there is a worker in the central mainland, working for rice and a dorm room, who will make everything you need for pennies. Take that MR Tamiya........... What copyright.......
  10. I wonder why Tamiya slammed TC for decals and manuals, but said nothing about using the the "Tamiya" trademark in the TC name? Hmmmm. Seems there is some very selective copyright enforcement going on here. Let's see. Take away decals and manuals, but let the site promote sales of their products by using the company name? One way streets are paved with bricks made of greed. What has Tamiya ever done to promote the site? Ever seen the company sponsor one of the contests? Ever donated any "swag"? To anyone? They allow direct links to their distribution network from the TC site, but where is the link from there to TC? TC still seems to have their nose up Tamiya's (badword) even though they've been punked by Tamiya. Sad I was affilliated with a group that that would stand for this kind of treatment from a greedy, selfish, and self centered company. Burn me once, shame on you. Burn me twice, shame on me. Go take a hike Mr. Tamiya...........
  11. We all have our reasons for being here. Mine was always based on the ability to use a paid subscription to research the manuals, ect. No to copy. But to assist in restoration and collecting. TC can do what they want with an obvious one-way relationship with Tamiya. In a nutshell, I'm not getting what I paid for and that makes TC as $$ greedy as Tamiya. It's all about the money. I can email members and such and keep my money in my pocket. By the way, there is another site put up by a TC member that is free and (now) will be getting yearly "donations".
  12. Is it just me, or does anyone else feel put-off by the whole manual situation? I've already decided to let my membership to TC go.
  13. So long Tamiya! Last Subscription to TC as well........ All those loyal Tamiya people kicked to the curb. I'm sure there is a big party being thrown somewhere in China right now. They don't give copyrights any concern. They will swoop in and gladly supply the market. Still can't believe Tamiya is this short sighted and stupid.
  14. +1. I joined TC as a true old school Tamiya fan. With that said, let me say that this has caused me to seriously rethink my opinion of Tamiya. To force the removal of vintage and out of production manuals and decals from the TC site looks like pure greed from Tamiya. I have 3 Grandsons that I have been sharing the RC hobby with, and all their vehicles are rare and vintage Tamiya. I think I will switch them to Kyosho. Anyone see ANYthing in my showroom? Make me an offer. TAMIYA can KMA. PS. I never downloaded any manuals from TC. I only referenced manuals to assist with parts and construction of vintage restorations.
  15. Reminder: Fee update coming April 19 Dear 442xcar: Just a reminder that starting April 19, Standard Auction-style fees will be changing and you'll be able to list FREE at any start price--up to 50 items a month. Plus, you can add the Buy It Now option FREE to grab those buyers who don't want to wait for your listing to end. In short, you can list even your higher priced items free and pay only if they sell. Also, to encourage low-cost shipping, Final Value Fees for all sellers will be applied to the total amount of the sale, including shipping. To get the lowest overall fees, just keep your shipping costs low and consider offering free shipping. Let's get this into focus..... Ebay will charge a final value fee on the total sale (including shipping), in order to keep shipping costs down. It is past April Fool's day.
  16. 442xcar

    Japan Earthquake - Near Tamiya Factory ?

    Sorry for the gloomy posts. It's hard not to think of what is happening in Japan right now. In my Military years of service, I worked with nukes and am very aware of what the endgame is with that nasty stuff. On the bright side, many of the Sellers I deal with regularly have emailed that they are mostly south of Tokyo, and are adjusting and keeping their business going. Got to give it to the Japanese people. I think we can all learn something from them in times like these.......
  17. 442xcar

    Dumpster find (58001)

    Great find! A quick look at the photos shows you have a very complete car. Can't tell if all the glass is there. I only see 1 rear bumper pad and the 2 front inner air scoops missing. Minor parts that can be sourced from a static display kit.
  18. 442xcar

    Question about bead blasting

    I have alot of experience glass beading aluminum parts in Automotive 1:1 restorations. Use the finest glass beads you can get for your parts if you are just going for a slick finish. Larger beads are better for removal of paint and years of crust....................
  19. 442xcar

    Japan Earthquake - Near Tamiya Factory ?

    Sad to say, as of today, Americans returning from Japan are setting off radiation detectors at airports in Chicago and Dallas.
  20. Keep in mind that Ebay is just a Pimp. They keep us poor by taking all our money, and what do we get in return. Answer; bent over..........
  21. Here is another increase that needs to be highlighted. Ebay sent me a message telling me that they would be charging full selling fees on the total sale amount, to include the postage/shipping charges. Here is the part that has me laughing. They stated that they are doing this to "discourage" excessive shipping charges by sellers. Duh, What! Let me get this straight. Ebay is going to increase back end costs to sellers by charging a percentage on shipping, to try and reduce shipping charges paid by buyers? Huh? What? I think Ebay needs to put down their crack pipe and join the sober world. I can't get my own site up and running soon enough...............
  22. 442xcar

    Japan Earthquake - Near Tamiya Factory ?

    The 150,000 people are not being evacuated. The Government has told them to "seal themselves indoors". Yeah, I'm staying right next to the microwave oven (not!). I think the more appropriate thing would be to tell them pack up whatever you can and leave. Oh, and by the way, you won't be coming back here for over 1,000 years.
  23. 442xcar

    Japan Earthquake - Near Tamiya Factory ?

    Looks like all 4 reactors are now in some level of meltdown. The Japanese power company is trying to play down the situation, but given their past history, I would'nt believe a word they are saying. My sympathy goes out to the Japanese people. They did a magnificent job in their construction and building standards, and from all reports, quake damage was low. The tsunami was a different outcome. How can you prepare for that much water along a long low coastal area? Top all that off with the nuclear mess. Aside from what the official word is in Japan right now, there are 4 nuclear reactors out of control, and like pandora's box, you can't get that genie back in the bottle...........
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    Tamtech GB01 optional wheels\tires

    Hey Guys. I have a like new set (4) of the spiked tires with wheels that were taken off a GB-01 Hotshot. Also have all the factory painted body parts. I believe these are a direct fit for all the GB series TamTech cars. Interested? PM me.......