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  1. Was cleaning my folders and found these.
  2. Loopback IP Address; "There's no place like"=s "There's no place like Home"
  3. Seams the word Freak is getting replaced with Geek these days and a Nerd is it's own entity. Seams one is a geek if they care about things, more then socializing with the outside world. Unlike nerds anyone is a geek at one thing or another or at multiple things. Percentage of Geekness depends on how deep you are into things compared to other geeks who are into the same things as you.
  4. Only thing I get is kids that like nitro and I am into electric, other then that, my neighbors already know I am a bigkid. I have other bigboy toys like my motorcycle,truck and supercharged mustang, so if they were to say anything,what could they say?
  5. Anyone have scans of the 84 and re-re decals? I have pics but they are from other sites and have not asked permission to use them. Every sponsor decal except 2 Tamiya ones are different between the sheets.
  6. These seam right so far? Re-re chassis does not have the cut out all the way for the hump battery. Cut out on the 84 was all the way to red? The re-re kit came with what looks like the Lunchbox B-tree. The front of the transmission does not have the tab to line the transmission with the chassis. Arrow in 2nd picture is pointing to this tab.
  7. Thanks, did not find that by searching. Anyone have more info then that? It would be nice to have a visual of the parts. Thanks for the welcome
  8. What parts on the 84 are mainly 84 specific and different on the re-re. I think the chassis, decals and looks like the white bits are different material? Anyone have picture showing the difference between parts? I would like to have a clean representation of the Hornet, I had when I was a kid for the shelf. Then use a re-re to run.
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