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  1. Hi again I did suggest the card could be optional, the issue was only that the Modelzone chain for one would not offer a 10% discount without a card proving membership, which did not seem unreasonable to me. If most people buy on line then a card is useless I just like to buy locally if I can, although modelzone have a web site this is no gaurantee that my local branch will stay in business.
  2. Hi As of Saturday 17th Modelzone Plymouth have 1 available, saw it on the shelf myself, ignore website as I also found the hotshot currently on the shelf although I know these are coming back in stock soon. Cheers
  3. Hi Thanks for the responses, obviously I would love to see the card made available, I can save the cost of the card with the first purchase. I'll have a look at the survey system here to see if we can try to get a clearer picture of what the majority of members would like. Cheers
  4. Hi Good day yesterday, went to Plymouth city centre just looking for anything interesting, walked into our Modelzone shop only to find the Brat & Hotshot kits still on the shelves! I had heard that the Brat had been discontinued and everywhere I had tried on the net was waiting for Hotshots but here they were. Now I hadn't intended to buy anything as I had these models on back order but got chatting with the very helpful guy in there and when I mentioned being a member of the Tamiya club he offered me a 10% discount. I bought the Hotshot, well at just over 112 with the discount this seemed like a great deal to me. I was told that if I bring in a club card I could get this discount all the time on my Tamiya purchases. This is my question, I wondered what others might think of having a club card, I belong to several other clubs, many smaller than this, who all issue a club card and I have found that often shops are willing to offer discounts when you present the card. It wouldn't have to be "posh" often just a small printed card is enough i.e. not the plastic credit card type which I must admit are great from the likes of Hornby - Hornby Club & Scalextric Club, also Lionel in the USA who can obviously afford this kind of thing. Secondly if a card was made available how would it be funded, would it be optional at extra cost, would we accept another 1 on the subscription, could it be something available on line that we could access through our membership area and print ourselves? Could have choice of favourite vehicle. Here's a quick idea but it might be good to see designs from those experts out there. Would love to hear any other views.
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