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  1. No, not technically. But because OG is always better than rere.
  2. I'm 52 and will just leave all my stuff to my kids. What a morbid post original post. I feel for you guys that have one foot in the grave already. For mine, I'm still racing AMCROSS natural terrain motocross on a YZ250 2-stroke here in Aus. Never give up. What happened to Shodog?
  3. Picked this up recently. Maybe not as special as they once were, given re-re, but I love it. Wouldn't buy a re-re cos it's not the same. RTR.
  4. 1Zook

    1/10 Nikko 4WD ID?

    It was never going to stay together for long. Discovered front gearbox damage that will need to be fixed. 4 minute motor standard and Bridgestone drive belt!
  5. 1Zook

    1/10 Nikko 4WD ID?

    Might have been a bit lucky there...I don't think they're the same as the Super Sprint item! Must research more.
  6. Thanks for your help on my Super Sprint thread Nowinaminute. Good to see you making some progress after getting a bum deal. How cool are these Nikkos?
  7. 1Zook

    1/10 Nikko 4WD ID?

    https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Nikko-Dandy-Dash-Bumper/303063732751 Think I'll leave this for the price
  8. 1Zook

    1/10 Nikko 4WD ID?

    That should set me up pretty well, cheers. Where can I get a bumper?
  9. 1Zook

    1/10 Nikko 4WD ID?

    Thanks Snappy. I'm looking for a body shell now...and will give it a proper clean.
  10. 1Zook

    1/10 Nikko 4WD ID?

    Got it. I'll do some more research now that I know what it is!
  11. 1Zook

    1/10 Nikko 4WD ID?

    I think you're right. Very nicely built. Yours looks great! What year model would it be?
  12. 1Zook

    1/10 Nikko 4WD ID?

    Hi guys Could someone ID this for me please?
  13. What's the difference betwen the rerelease and the earlier ones? Did they change the date on the box?
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