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    Biography: Hi, I have been collecting vintage R/C cars for a little while now as I used to race 1/10 electric for a local model shop many years ago. I used to also build all his cars for customers and can remember having lines of 15+ cars (mainly Tamiya) at home being finished for the Christmas rush! I collect mainly Tamiya but am also interested in Kyosho and will seek out other makes I can remember from my racing days such as the PB Mustang etc....<br />I also collect R/C motorcycles as well as restore and collect full size ones !!!!<br />My first race was with a 'Wild One' but soon progressed on to other cars (with shop sponsorship) and raced an Avante for a while before moving on to the Schumacher Cat.

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  1. Hi i'm just restoring a Yo-ucan Yu'mbo and it has had a modification to the rear end and a non standard diff fitted. Does any member have any rear end parts for this car? Parts new, parts used, incomplete car, used car etc would be great.....Please just drop me a line with what you have. Many thanks. Rob
  2. Many thanks for the excellent information! I will just have to see which original body sets turn up on EBay along with a set of wheels and tyres! Again many thanks for the help! Best wishes Rob
  3. Hi I have a Kyosho Lazer Alpha in my collection in its buggy form. I have found another Alpha chassis but with extended body mounts for a rally car or truck body. The mounts look original Kyosho so could any club member tell me if Kyosho used this Alpha chassis for any other forms of body style plese? Names ,pics or links would be of great help so I can restore it as it should have been. Many thanks Rob
  4. Hi, I will wait to try and find some originals but they do not seem to turn up as often as original decals for other Tamiya models.
  5. Hi, can any fellow collector/ restorer help me find a set of Falcon decals to complete my restoration? Originals or reproductions are fine but I would like the reproductions to be on a clear backing if possible. If you can point me in the right direction please just drop me a line. Many thanks Rob
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