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  1. Hi, I bought the shaft bag from a terra conqueror on ebay recently, my goal being to hop up a manta ray chassis by adding adjustable camber links and steering. I have a stock of 5mm ball connectors which are fine but most of the adjusters are very worn off. I am planning to get 2 packs of low friction adjusters, normally for use with a TA 04 (item on ebay). Will they fit the turnbuckle set I'm planning to install? Or should I get reinforced adjusters from the TRF501x? Thanks
  2. Hi, I am currently using a superstock bz with a TEU-101BK, but I lowered the stock gearing (18t instead of 21). I haven't had any problems yet. As I read on many forums, some people believe that Tamiya, a hobby manufacturer, would rather ensure durability of its devices over super sharp performance, thus the TEU 101 would have been made to handle hotter motors (up to 19 turns). I guess that Tamiya doesn't say so because they don't want to hear about unhappy customers complaining about the reliability of their esc's.
  3. You're right, tub should be TA01. By the way, I noticed that the grey TA01 tub had "MANTA RAY" engraved. Otherwise it would have been a TA02 and I wouldn't have been able to fit the DT body onto it.
  4. I still have the original propshaft. I laugh every time I look at it, figuring out how much power was wasted by that flimsy piece of junk...
  5. Hi, I just wanted to share with you some pics of my dirt thrasher. It has been built from a manta ray chassis with DT body and a TA01 chassis with lots of spares + 2 esc I bought 2 years ago from ebay for 90 including transmitter. Front wheels look crappy, I couldn't get that stupid paint off. I definitely need to buy a new set. Specs : Dirt Thrasher body (not so properly fixed, but it did my best : it was broken at a very fragile spot, just between the front shock tower) Note the clear yellow sticker on the windows. TA-01 grey chassis and gearboxes (lookin' good!) Bulky propshaft made of aluminium (Any idea where the prop shaft could come from?) Manta Ray drive train, fully ballraced (except steering) Rear balldiff from the TA01 SuperStock BZ motor with 18t pinion TEU-101 BK (I have two in case the BZ burns it) and voil...
  6. Waow, you guys are so helpful ! To be complete, how about kyosho optima wheels: what size are they ? Would they fit a DB01 transmission ? What modern tires would fit onto them ? It's just that they look so awesome... Thanks again
  7. I just have a plain manta ray wheel set for now, and I'm planning on installing a "sexier" wheel set on my DirtThrasher. So I'm studying and considering all options...depending on what I can find on ebay. Thanks for you input
  8. Hi, I have just finished restoring a hybrid Dirt Thrasher / TA02 from a couple of rolling chassis I bought from ebay. It's got a manta ray suspension with TA02 red gearboxes and dark grey chassis (so stylish), rear balldiff and front geardiff. Main hopups are : full ballbearings (except steering), reinforced 4WD shaft, TEU101 speedo and a superstock BZ with 18t pinion gear. Last but not least : body has been resprayed all black. Simple and stunning. Not even considering applying decals. I had tons of fun cleaning all parts, fixing worn out screw holes with CA, regreasing, making sure nothing was missing...basically learning the basics of R/C Even though i like its style know, I couldn't keep it clean on a shelf. It needs to be driven, just for the fun of it. I chose the TA01B / TA02 chassis over more collectible ones for its reliability, sturdiness and the availability of spares. I totally understand though that the proud owner of a mint egress or avante will think twice before racing it. It really depends on the model. Plus I have to add it's my first real R/C car and I feel like a kid bashing on a parking lot. You know, when you feel like minutes last seconds...
  9. Hi, on the same subject, I found an ebay store that sells 2" schumacher cat tyres. Will they fit hotshot-era wheels, which are I believe 2" as well. Tx
  10. so : topforceish tires only with stardish wheels hotshot wheels need hotshot era tires DF03 are the most compatible with modern foam insets tires (ie schumacher) Nevertheless, I came across that article on TC http://www.tamiyaclub.com/article.asp?id=64 that says that schumacher tires can be fitted onto stardish wheels ? How come ?
  11. Hi everyone, I'd like to know more about wheels and tires : Do 2.2 tires (ie Schumacher) fit Tamiya star dish 4wd wheels ? Same question with Hotshot 4wd wheels... Do 2.2 tires (ie Schumacher) fit Tamiya DF03 large dish wheels ? Do " la" top force (ie DF02, baja king...) tires fit hotshot wheels ? Do Tamiya (#51240) High Density Spike Tires K (4WD/Front,62/25) or 51241 4WD rear tires fit star-dish wheels or hotshot wheels ? Thanks a lot
  12. Then why the heck are 3racing making such useless hop-ups? It doesn't even fit an M03 chassis although it's specifically intended for it... I think I'll go for a couple of tamiya's TA03 then. Thanks a lot for avoiding me wasting 40 bucks !
  13. Oh I see. There's no way of disassembling the 3Racing diff so that the outdrives can be placed afterwards ?
  14. Anyone ever tried the 3racing ta03 aluminium ball diff which is cheaper than the tamiya one ? I managed to find a good deal from a hong kong ebay store. Tamiya original ball diff 3Racing ball diff for M03 ****, euro is so strong for the moment. It's definitely worth buying in or $ for us...
  15. mine are pink. I think they're gonna get a good underlayer of primer and then painted silver or orange. Just for cosmetic reasons... tx a lot
  16. Hey, Thanks a lot for your very interesting inputs... Just to keep you informed, they've been sprayed with oven cleaner 3 days ago and nothing comes off. It seems to be some kind of dye indeed. Plastic is quite worn out though. I'm simply planning on smoothing off plastic dents and spray wheels with a less cheesey color...
  17. Good news. I also believe that the TA03 thrust bearing looks way sturdier than the manta ray's. Plus these super small balls are a pain in the neck to assemble . Tx
  18. Just to extend my personal knowledge... I've bought a couple of years ago a box of spares from a guy in Austria. There was a pair of pink front "mooncraft" wheels with "the big wig" engraved inside. The seems to be factory-dyed cos the color is perfect and isn't even clogged along engravings. I'm sure they're not made of pink plastic though because worn-out zones show white plastic underneath. Where could they come from ?
  19. Hi, I'm almost done restoring a Dirt Thrasher, but I'm planning on hopping up the gear diffs with ball diffs. I've noticed that the FF02 gear diff can be replaced either by a manta ray ball diff or a TA03 one. Does this mean that a TA03 ball diff will fit a manta ray gearbox ? Is the metal one-piece thrust bearing of the TA03's instead of the silly plastic one of the manta ray's a real plus ? Thanks, Pierre-Yves
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