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  1. Welcome to the sickness!
  2. Yeah I am still awaiting my preorder to ship...Hopefully soon! Nice to see it in the wild
  3. Yes it will fit any of the M chassis. it has been released with all the M RWD's and on the M05ra.
  4. Up for grabs i have two sets of chrome M wheel sets i do not need if anybody wants them. Local Pickup or usps shipping in the US @7.00. Thanks
  5. Does Tamiya have kits with flaws..yes Is tamiya crap..Far from it. They would not be where they are in the industry or have the following that they do if they produced sub par hobby products on the regular.
  6. Do not think just do it! As stated A few mods and it shines. Great chassis for compact 4X4's IMO
  7. The Boomerang is a good choice! and nothing wrong with starting with NIMH and brushed before moving up ..
  8. That Sucks i had been watching that on the news. Hopefully the CVA's showed today and hopefully the taco shop will speed up the re greasing of the kitchen
  9. Waiting when i got home.... Some stuff for me and my daughter (not all tamiya today)
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