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  1. does anyone know if the diff/spool can be replaces with any new tamiya buggy kit on the market?
  2. cool, thanks man. great info! do you know which spool/ diff will fit this gear box? (this isnt my image)i just need to find the spool/diff gear... any help does any new kit on the market from tamiya carry the same type of gear?
  3. hey whats up everyone! im new here, im from another forum but i found a new home!... 1 year ago i buoght this sand scorcher from my dads friend for $14 (he knew what he had and he said sand scorcher) due to rebuilding and moving to another place ive lost all the stearing and other parts. also the spool/diff broke in half...im sad... but ive been looking around and my roll cage doesnt look like any other.. its one whole piece. can someone tell me if its a hop up? i know it cant fit a bug body becuse its wayy to much in the way.. pls help.. cheers
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