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  1. The GS11R-manual is easy to find, but I have not been able to find the manual for the GS11X. http://www.kyosho.com/jpn/support/instruct...711_gs11r_m.pdf
  2. Here you can find the manual: http://www.competitionx.com/pdf/vehicle-manuals/ Direct link: http://www.competitionx.com/pdf/vehicle-ma...st-2-manual.pdf
  3. This one is unfortunately in swedish, but you can always look at the pictures: http://www.rsb.se/arena/attachment.php?att...mp;d=1289640862 http://www.rsb.se/arena/attachment.php?att...mp;d=1289640862 http://www.rsb.se/arena/attachment.php?att...mp;d=1289640862
  4. Big Brute and most likely also the Nitro Brute. Parts are shown in the manual: http://www.retromodelisme.com/scan_pages/8...ho-page-18.html
  5. Check out the manual: http://www.retromodelisme.com/scan_pages/3...ui-page-11.html
  6. Have you seen this one? http://www.retromodelisme.com/manuel_page/...nter-marui.html
  7. Search for "Wild Wendy" on the forum.
  8. I would go for a repro body instead. If you still want to strip the paint, use methanol or brake fluid. Mr Muscle can be used on hardbodies, but not on Lexan.
  9. http://www.vintage-rc.org/manuals/nichimo....=Exceed-Pro-443
  10. Not the best scan, but useful hopefully: http://www.vintagekyosho.com/manuals/KyoshoJavelinManual.pdf Here is another one: http://www.vintage-rc.org/manuals/kyosho.p...amp;dir=Javelin
  11. Me: Terra Wizard, not that fun, but my father's name produced: BULLHEAD DEVIL.
  12. It is available on Rétro Modélisme: http://www.retromodelisme.com/manuel_page/...ish-kyosho.html
  13. Old_School

    Marui Galaxy Rs

    The Marui Forum seems to be quite dead, therefor I take the chance to show my Galaxy RS that I found on the Swedish Ebay ("Tradera") in 2008. It was already in good shape, I just cleaned the parts, installed ball bearings, fixed the wiring around the msc and assembled the car. The box is also in quite good shape.
  14. Great, I have been looking for the Cobra Daytona manual for some time. Since you have a lot of Kyosho manuals, Rétro Modélisme (http://www.retromodelisme.com) also can be an option for uploading?
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