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  1. That's strange isn't it. So it's basically a broken part. Collin you are really good at working stuff out. It is very much appreciated.
  2. Does anyone know which cars these belong to please?
  3. Fair enough. I think we can now consider this problem solved
  4. You can see the outline of it under the muffler. It stops the muffler and the chassis rubbing. I still think it's a pretty worthless yet interesting piece.
  5. The thing is you would probably never notice it unless you unbox it. If you kept the TR-15T in the box this piece would barely be noticeable.
  6. Thanks very much I knew at least one person might know. I think in that case it’s a pretty worthless piece. I’ll keep it though I won’t bin it afterall it’s almost 30 years old.
  7. Update:- The stamp says 44-001-1 and in the centre of the top part there is an indentation for a screw hole to be drilled. This is a very strange part I don't know if it's some sort of cover or just a discarded bit of packaging from the blister packs
  8. Can anyone tell me what this is please? It's a some sort of clear cover and is stamped 44001 and it came out of a TR-15T kit box. I just have no idea what it is. It's not mentioned anywhere in the instructions. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. Also:- 58717: 1/10 R/C TT-02BR Chassis Kit 58720: 1/10 R/C TT-02 Type-SRX Chassis Kit 22062: TT-02BR Gearbox Joints 22063: TT-02BR Gearbox Joints for Ball Differential 22065: TT-02 Type-SRX Aluminum Gearbox Joints 22066: TT-02 Type-SRX Aluminum Propeller Joints (& Swing Shaft Caps)
  10. 58710 Tamiya Hotshot II Blockhead Motors New announcement
  11. That just leaves the clear parts. I suspected this could be the case.
  12. Just worked out the black wheel parts are for the Jun Watanabe version of the Hornet
  13. I've been going through a box of spares working out what's what. These are the only parts I've not been able to figure out. If anyone can help identify which cars they belong to it would be much appreciated. The clear lenses are hard to work out as they aren't attached to a sprue to give any indication.
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