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  1. one of my best friends had a Fast Attack Vehicle, I'd love to own one but they seem overly rare. I have much Love for my madcap too. I would have no desire to own a vintage kit that I'd never seen or previously owned
  2. yeah I went into "DSE" to get some electrical components and they didn't have hardly anything, told me they were getting out of that market. Seems jaycar is the only place left in oz. I too remember when hobby shops had an building fee and could build your kit.
  3. first post Good topic. I grew up in the 70's/80's with an atari and my brother and I both got tamiya frogs for christmas, I'd say my older brother helped me build mine as I was quite young, I did build a madcap later on though. fast forward to modern days I wanted to get into RC again so I bought 2 RTR's, mostly because I needed some radio gear. One was a slash, which I have at best changed a few parts on and changed the body. the axial on the other hand I have pulled entirely to pieces multiple times, and fabricated most of its parts in the garage. So I'm not sure the fact that somethings an RTR automatically means you wont wrench on it or rebuild it. I do think all rc's should be available in kit form though. I recently got to build a jeep wrangler and remembered why I love tamiya, but also I cant stop at just building them, I have to add more, improve parts. Oly sad thing I notice is my local toy shop only has himoto and traxxas RTR's on the shelf. When I was little they had a decent amount of tamiya's P.s I love video games and the internet too
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