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  1. Thought i would add my pictures of tonights upgrade .... From above link i purchased the Polished Bumper & Chassis
  2. Paulzippy


    Yes will be there on sunday - will come see ya
  3. Paulzippy


    Nice work Walter look forward to seeing it finished
  4. Sandscorcher fans the bug box's 1:1 scale version is in the January 2011 VOLKSWORLD magazine full feature out now in the shops Little preview
  5. Paulzippy

    Snetterton 2010

    I'm up for this meet
  6. Getting hard to find good ones this looks in good condition
  7. Paulzippy

    Real Size Sand Scorcher

    Awesome couple of pics from sundays volksworld show
  8. Cheers Colin yeah my misses lost it so had to order another will be on this weekend.......well spotted
  9. We thought that ! but have tried them in both ways seems its the locating holes.... thanks for comments took our time building this as wanted a good finish Paul
  10. And at the weekend i got to see the BUGBOX's 1:1 SandScorcher And Walters wife sold me a couple of BUGBOX's SandScorcher t-shirts
  11. Paulzippy

    How To Paint A Sand Scorcher

    I used car paint..Plastic primmer then ford diamond white the whole shell. Then we used liquid mask to cover area's along with masking tape and painted the other area's in Ford Olympic blue........... wait a day to dry add 5 coats of clear coat pics below in link Im happy with finish
  12. its just been put on the table for pictures, so its not how it is running..... cambers ok will be doing a video of it running this weekend if the rain holds off
  13. Roughly 2-3 days on and off.Me and the misses spent a few evenings and days to get this little bug built Enjoy We know the sheds wonky