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  1. More parts found have no use for $10 plus shipping,pay pal only or emt online banking money transferrs(real simple and quick) **SOLD
  2. I have a bunch of new on the tree parts for the fox and I am sure I have the arms,let me check. ******Here is what I have for the Fox,all new.I will sell the whole lot,make me an offer because I don't even have a Fox.
  3. Over the years I have collected numerous things and these Canadian metal cap badges from most of the different units are some of the stuff.Each large cap badge has a smaller set of what are called collar dogs that would go one on each side of the shirt collar.some of these units no longer exist and are very collectable.The average going price for just the cap badges are between $10 to $45 without the matching collar dogs so I don't know how much the whole set is worth,make me an offer or will trade for a nice scale rig.truggy or tuber.These would look nice mounted in a large shodow box on black felt on the wall.
  4. Done an online search through the manuals for both Falcon and blitzer beetle,both pinions are short.here is the manula page from the beetle http://www.tamiyaclub.com/manual.asp?id=128 enter page 22 and resolution medium to see the part
  5. I have a box of old motors with different length gears,supppose you don't have a pic of the pinion you need to help me search in my parts bin?If I do have it its yours for the cost of mailing it.I do have 2 falcons but have been taken apart so I don't remember what motors were in them.
  6. all tires are now sold.... **CLOD TIRES SOLD AND DEAL PENDING ON THE TAMIYA TRES
  7. Rough rider is sold....
  8. Thats in Canadian dollars,and why is that?I search around to see what the going price was if there were any to be found in good shape.Make me an offer,the worst thing that could happen is I say no thanks.
  9. Price drop to $600 and the trades still go.
  10. Will also consider 6x6,8x8 or any multi axled offroad rig
  11. When I bought it,was in need of repair I started the repairs and to freshen it up a bit Still have to finish the roof,install bumper,paint driver,install the roof lights and top it off with clear coat. Another after some clear coat and painted driver.Tried the spare on the back to have a look,might keep it after adding the roof lights,not sure. Comes with all original electronics and battery,not radio,unless I find one.Everything from the chassis up to the body is original as well. Here is the deal.Cash no less then $800,but will consider partial trade/cash.In the trade department,looking for a rtr Tundra,Toyota,truggy or a well built tuber.Serious offers only please.Will make a nice addition to someones collection.
  12. When I bought it,was in need of some minor repair and a paint job Still have minor details like the roof lights,front bumper and maybe chrome rims,but I like the overall turnout of it so far.
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