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  1. I'd love to see a video. Got my Escort Mk2 here ready to build. I'll probably do it over Xmas.
  2. My Escort MkII arrived today and all the upgrade parts.
  3. ...and then he went all quite. Results not to his liking? He originally badgered me into giving a figure for how much faster a lightweight car might be. I gave him a figure in the end just to shut him put.
  4. I'd also install a full bearing kit. Personally, I would run it gently and get some pictures and video.
  5. Here's my thread on the subject. I had a warped gearbox casing and had to buy a new one. A5 is the weakest link, if you have a tendency to hit things. A sonic cleaner is worth having. A few drops of washing up liquid in the cleaner will help rehydrate the old plastic parts.
  6. Not twisted at all. This is what you said ''Perhaps they should quit the club and do something else.'' Obviously you were talking about this (Tamiya) club (forum). Anyway, hoarding is lame as...
  7. There are plenty of things I can do but I don't because I consider them to be selfish.
  8. Some interesting view but old men owning multiple NIB models is ruining the hobby. Every hoarded box is one less box in the hands of an excited kid who represents the next generation. Hoarding ain't collecting.
  9. ...is ruining the hobby. Prove me wrong. I saw a picture posted on Facebook by a collector showing he had, for example, six boxed Wild Ones.
  10. The plugs will only work in the correct orientation and you can't do any damage if you plug them in the wrong way round.
  11. Well, thanks for your critique. Personally, I keep negative comments like that to myself.
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