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  1. Snakehands

    How do you clean your yellow shocks?

    Do you strip them down for the cleaner or put them in complete?
  2. Snakehands

    Hotshot ReRe Motor and parts question

    Won't be a problem, I promise you.
  3. Snakehands

    Hotshot ReRe Motor and parts question

    Silver can 540s are 3.27UKP at Hobbyking.
  4. Which is bad design because the nuts deform and you end up not being able to to get the box off without taking the bolt out. The point of a well nut is to from a friction fit with the well walls.
  5. Hi Kev, the re re just has two holes and no tube/well sides to press against. I'll post some pictures later.
  6. Merry Xmas everyone. Here are a couple of pics of my runner project. I reamed out the rear 'well' hole so the nut fits. But with neither 'well' actually being a well with sides for the nuts to expand against, I'm going to have to make something the box will be loose or the nuts will get squished.
  7. Snakehands

    Bear Hawk Project

    Refurb porn!!!
  8. Snakehands

    Preserving Our Vintage Tires

    I had some dried and cracked rubber parts on one of my 5th scale trucks that I used silicone spray on. Worked perfectly.
  9. Just put the gauge on mine and it's 1.7mm smaller than the front so no way will the nut fit until I drill in out. Annoyingly it's not a well just a hole into a chamber that's much bigger than the nut.
  10. The hole is smaller at the rear than the front and there’s no way to get the nut in. The re re now doesn’t even have a proper well at the back. Even the vintage one didn’t have a proper well at the front which always led to the well nut deforming because there were no well sides to expand against. The 2010 manual has the same instructions as the vintage and the same part number for the well nuts. I’m wondering if my new box is genuine.
  11. Sand Scorcher rere rear well nut hole too small for the rubber nut. The front one is fine. I got the mech box from eBay and the rear well is a different design to the vintage one. Am I missing something here?
  12. It's the seller's hard cheese if he listed too low a price for shipping. A deal is a deal.
  13. Snakehands

    ACOMS ARA-227 Antenna Length?

    Much thanks for taking the time to help me out.
  14. I have one that seems to have had some of its wire snipped off but after much googling I've not been able to find the definitive answer. Thanks in advance.
  15. Snakehands

    Rough Rider Mk2 Restoration Ideas

    I don't think that need restoring. You could tear it down and rebuilt it just for fun though with a bit of cleaning here and there.