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  1. Thanks. I got one too now and it works great.
  2. Snakehands

    Dr!ft RC

    This has to be the best RC experience I've ever had. The cars drift beautifully. There's a choice of tyres and road surfaces, tarmac, wet tarmac, rally or snow. Choice of setups, drift or road. In rally cross mode the sensor under the car detects via a marker on the track whether it's on tarmac or rally stage. In road racing if you go through a gravel trap it feels very realistic and you even have reduced grip for a corner when you get back on the track. It's just amazing. https://www.sturmkind.com/en/?gclid=CjwKCAjw7c2pBhAZEiwA88pOF34pWDomAyxiZqz3ski_DMhcCmxQxXH3YkaCalfV3ZKTCE2JQWFekRoC1ZAQAvD_BwE
  3. A close look at what you get with MJX.
  4. Yep. I'm amazed by the quality you get for the price. Three set of wheels with different tyres as well. I'm looking forward to trying the plastic drift tyres.
  5. MJX are good quality judging by independent reviews. I've dipped into the community surrounding the brand and its a breath of fresh air compared to Tamiya. Zero snobbery for a start and no hoarders or braggers.
  6. Today I looked at my still in box Escort MkII, and thought 'shall I shan't I' build it, then just ordered one of these instead for £100. I wonder if a 959 body will fit on it?
  7. Anyone running one of these?
  8. I would never have bought the Infraction, too big and too expensive. Also, you can get a special all black version in the USA exclusive to Amazon, so any suggestion this a clone, and theft of Arrma's IP, is completely wrong with a cherry on top.
  9. I'm blown away by the quality and value for money of this! £100 delivered and including VAT!
  10. That's disgraceful of him. Sounds like he moved to Canada because the UK wasn't woke enough for him.
  11. Are we talking about the same group, the one run my Glen, a Brit from the North of England and now living in Canada?
  12. RC related group on Facebook are great places. I especially like the Tamiya Legends group which is very friendly on the whole. Using FB on my phone can post videos and photos in a fraction of the time it takes to do the same thing on a message board. I don't see FB TL group as being more show offy than this place, but it's certainly less cliquey and generally more respectful. I still remember the unfriendly arrogance of some people in here when I first joined. Message boards like this have also had their historic threads destroyed by the photobucket debacle. What I've noticed is that a lot of silly old sausages seem to hate FB, which I great because I can't stand people who reject modernity.
  13. I'd love to see a video. Got my Escort Mk2 here ready to build. I'll probably do it over Xmas.
  14. My Escort MkII arrived today and all the upgrade parts.
  15. ...and then he went all quite. Results not to his liking? He originally badgered me into giving a figure for how much faster a lightweight car might be. I gave him a figure in the end just to shut him put.
  16. I'd also install a full bearing kit. Personally, I would run it gently and get some pictures and video.
  17. Here's my thread on the subject. I had a warped gearbox casing and had to buy a new one. A5 is the weakest link, if you have a tendency to hit things. A sonic cleaner is worth having. A few drops of washing up liquid in the cleaner will help rehydrate the old plastic parts.
  18. Not twisted at all. This is what you said ''Perhaps they should quit the club and do something else.'' Obviously you were talking about this (Tamiya) club (forum). Anyway, hoarding is lame as...
  19. There are plenty of things I can do but I don't because I consider them to be selfish.
  20. Some interesting view but old men owning multiple NIB models is ruining the hobby. Every hoarded box is one less box in the hands of an excited kid who represents the next generation. Hoarding ain't collecting.
  21. ...is ruining the hobby. Prove me wrong. I saw a picture posted on Facebook by a collector showing he had, for example, six boxed Wild Ones.
  22. The plugs will only work in the correct orientation and you can't do any damage if you plug them in the wrong way round.
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