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  1. Thanks, some interesting ideas there, I like the look of both of those and that grease gun from halfords looks useful too. Thanks again.
  2. I can add a vote for fusion, I've used them loads and the service is always excellent. I recently purchased my FAV from them too!
  3. I was just wondering which grease you all use? Up till now I have been using tamiya cera grease but it's now becoming a pain to get hold of, I have been getting it from hong kong thus far but this is becoming unworkable. Which grease is similar? Thanks in advance. Nick.
  4. Awesome as always, thanks very much guys.
  5. Anyone know what pinion the re-re FAV uses (pitch and teeth)? I want to order a steel one at the same time as the kit. Thanks in advance.
  6. Looks like I got my "non specific plastic moulding" and "adhesive items" for my Terra Scorcher just in time then!
  7. Hi there, As the title says, anyone know what pitch the stock 16 tooth hummer pinion is? (Had a search on the forums and couldn't see anything) Thanks in advance. Nick.
  8. Thanks for the info, hopefully I can source one from somewhere. There's no writing on the motor anywhere though.
  9. Hi, I need some help in identifying a motor, it came with my original 80's Thundershot kit. It looks like a regular Silver can, however has a white endbell. (all my other silver can's have black.) I'd like to replace it like for like if possible as I want to keep the Thundershot as accurate to the period as possible and having just reinstalled the correct Futaba radio gear and MSC, powering the motor makes a god awful high pitched shriek. Picture Attached Any help would be gratefully appreciated in either souring another or cleaning/repairing this one. Thanks, Nick.
  10. +1 for RCBearings, I have bought from them via ebay, proper fast postage and different size bearing come in little baggies and tubes all labeled up.
  11. Thanks for the links and advice.
  12. Thanks for all the comments, links and advice. It seems now like I want a Dyna Storm and a DB01 with every hop-up going and a DT02 !!!!! Choices, Choices.... Dyna Storm because well it is a Dyna Storm DB01 with brushless because I saw a youtube video of one going like 70 MPH !!! DT02 because RWD buggies are WAY fun and it seems fairly bulletproof. Reading JeepnMike's thread now.
  13. My Madcap is great fun, but it's got all sorts of mod's going, astute parts in the diff, alum dampers, custom steering links etc... It's at the limit now though and I want more speed and performance. Makes me wonder how awesome a Dyna Storm would be to drive.
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