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  1. YOU SUCK! Quitter, I cannot believe you did this, go and stand in the corner and hang your head in shame. I am officially not talking to you until you get another pmsl!!!
  2. Well, I spent an hour having a little poke around the MB yesterday, more than no hidden surprises, it really is clean. A dust off proved to really start to bring it to life! At this point I would provide some nice pics, but my camera battery is flat and having only just moved, I have no idea where the charger is lol. I will also be getting the 2nd chassis tomorrow. I assume it won't have ballraces, but when that's been proven, I will order some and rebuild the tidy one with new bearings, of course repairing the broken front top wishbone and the rear guard bit which is broken at the bottom. I will try and take a few snaps and pop some pics up. One thing, looking at the great condition of the original Acoms servo's, rx and tx, I am tempted to keep them and use them with the beetle. Does anybody have any 27mhz Crytals they would be willing to sell please? It didn't come with any. Thanks as always, Richard.
  3. Haha, cool. Glad you ran her, that's what the're for!
  4. Yeah I know what you mean, Butler has already been on at me tonight to get ANOTHER car, I already have more than I have time to sort out. Thanks Leethal, I saw your thread. I might strip it sometime, its got a couple of marks on it that have been touched in, but its not too bad, it even has half a wiper!
  5. He he, it was a bit sneaky. I had my eye on it as it looked really good, and I after selling my 1:1 track car, I needed a new toy. It sold for loads less than some of the other ones we had watched on email, and even though its currently a non runner, I am please with its overall condition. Just got home late from work (urrgh) and looking at it has already cheered me up.
  6. Acoms Tx is made in Japan! Have you got the number for sotherby's? Beatties bag is the one with the Hornet, Wild One and Hot Shot. - Is that the one you are after mate?
  7. Hi dazza, thanks for taking the time to reply. The prices sound good, thanks. About what I had expected I suppose. I will take a look at the tx and see if its made in Japan or HK. Is one more sort after than the other? Regards, Richard.
  8. I never did get one of these. Does anyone have one? If not I might have to get one from the States.....
  9. Yes, thanks. It's the best looking and most unabused one I have seen for sale for the past couple of months. I don't think its been re-built either, I might be wrong, but it all felt very "time warp" when I opened it this morning. Worse condition ones that were runners have sold for around 70 more too! I might well have to strip the shell and do it properly, but I will get it all running and cleaned up first.
  10. Hello, I have a couple of vintage parts which might be of interest to some, they need to go as I have far too much rc stuff now! 1) Acoms NP227 tx, rx and pair of servo's. Nice condition, no box or Crystals. Some small marks on the TX, one on the front by the Mk3 sticker. Includes the original orange neck strap! 2) Tamiya 7.2v Hump Pack battery. The grey box type 1200mah SC. 3) Beeties bag. The black and yellow bag, circa 1986 I think good condition, the straps and zip are all ok etc. 4) 2x Original 540 motor's. Both are from Monster beetles, so are circa 1986 aswell I think. One looks very clean with little use, the 2nd is slightly grubbier. 5) 2x Manual Speed Controllers from the same vehicles, I will have to check their condition. I think thats about it. I really don't know what they are worth, so if anyone could give me some rough ideas that would be grand even if they are not actually buying ;-) Im not out to rip anyone off as I like the whole "feel" of the forum, each helping the other with their own little projects and bits they need, but of course any money I make out of these items will help with my little projects. Kind Regards, Richard. EDIT: Sorry, the battery is a 6 cell not 6v, its the above 7.2v hump pack type.
  11. Hello, As per my other post about getting/restoring a monster beetle, I thought I would make a new thread now that I actually own one, well two lol. First of all I purchased this on ebay: I was pretty sure it was the remains of a monster beetle but as it wasn't listed as one, it went under the radar a little and I got it for a steal. - Don't hate me too much, it never usually happens to me! Anyway, after some advice off you experts on here, and looking around for parts inc, shell, tyres etc, I realised that it was going to be very expensive to get that one up and running straight away. Soooo after selling my 1:1 toy on Saturday I was feeling flush and I put a bid and maximum price in for a 2nd, much tidier and complete MB - apart from a break to one of the front upper wishbones. I went down to the pub to calm my nerves and was delighted when I won the auction for this: It arrived this morning, and whilst its no shelf queen it appears to be largely complete and in good condition. The shell has been painted by brush so is not the neatest, but I will be (carefully) using the car, so it doesn't have to be super clean. I will strip it down as soon as I can and give it a clean and fix the bits that need fixing. At first I will try to make a good runner out of the two, which should be possible, and then I will see what I am left with and take it from there. Cheers, Richard.
  12. Good news, the seller has been in contact, all underway again. Will update when it arrives.
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