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  1. i run a converted stadiun raider with yokohama geolanders fitted to wild dagger wheels an a 9 turn ezrun.it does lose torque and run time but is lots of fun.alkso have a manta ray with madbull wheels and stadium raider shell it has plenty of torque as you can lower the pinion size it goes anywhere.
  2. i have an orion 2.5t sensored motor that fries escapes wich should i buy.and yes ive tried to search the answer on the forums first
  3. i run a tl01b with a 9 turn ezrun and 3racing df-03 wheels and find it to be an amazing runner.my friends df-03 was over complicated and rubish in my opinion, its sat in a pile of bits now.i use vapextech batteries 7.2 volt and 8.4 volt 3700 mah good packs top price. baja champ rules
  4. can someone tell me which lipo batteries fit in the battery space on a tamiya my nimh are tight asit is so theres no room for anytihg thats more than a mil or 2 bigger.also what are the advanages will i get longer run time? i want them for my rising fighter that ive just fitted with the ezrun 35a 9t system thanks.
  5. well thanks for all the advice ive geared down the car and put mad bull wheels on it it runs fine and is a lot better to use where i live. manta ray
  6. can someone give me the id of a reputable hong kong trader on ebay as i am looking to buy an ezrun brushless combo and want to try and avoid getting ripped off thanks
  7. you can only pay with a credit or debit card in the uk so if your card aint that then youl have to get a subscription from the shop the price is the same.
  8. i know what hexes tamiya use i want 17 mm so i can mess with other brands that have far more choice of wheel
  9. thanks for that ill strip it clean it regrease the bearings also noticed the alloy gears so ill replace them.any info on the 17mm hex drives?
  10. right ive bought a used manta ray off ebay and after only 5 to 10 mins of driving the motor is extremely hot and the escape aswell.it thermalled using a sport tuned with a 19t pinion and a tamiya 101 esc.it also does the same with the standard motor . the dirt tuned motor runs very hot but hasnt themaled yet.as i bought it second hand i dont know the hisory of it i can tell you its fully ball raced and thats it.it may be easier if someone can tell me the best pinion /spur gear to use to keep it suited to offroad .also can someone tell me where i can get a 17mm hex adapter that will fit a tamiya thanks.
  11. where did you get the top force bits from ive been searching ebay to no avail
  12. where did you order them from the only place i can find em is from a hong kong seller on ebay
  13. does anyone know where i can get an alloy or strengthened front shock tower for a manta ray thanks
  14. thanks but i dont like the idea of soldering them on does anyone know of a good alternative i can get
  15. just followed this setup and it got my viper rv11 to reverse thanks
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