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  1. http://carscoop.blogspot.com/2012/02/canad...using-only.html I havent posted here in a while, but as soon as I read this article I immediatly thought most everyone here would enjoy the read. cheers I also dont know if this has been posted before, if so please disregard.
  2. If you want something fun, a good basher, and a little different from what you have put together thus far, I would recommend a Clodbuster or a Lunchbox. Both are silly fun. The clod is awesome during the winter... infact thats really the only time I use my clod. It kicks butt in the snow, I found myself building mountains in the snow to bash. I also made a makeshift snowplow and plow the snow off my deck. The lunchbox is my most fun ride and takes a SERIOUS beating, but you cant help but beat the snots out of it. on the other hand I just picked up a scorcher a few months ago, That was an interesting build. Its very heavy too goes kinda slow with the stock can. I dont know how well a blackfoot would be in the snow.. I know my two wheel drive lunchbox gets stuck in the snow too much for it to be fun. Dont know if it snows near you though, here in the northeast usa it snows bigtime.
  3. Love the DT-02 Chassis I will be upgrading mine shortly.
  4. Another east coaster here, Long Island, NY. though I'm not really interested in racing, I just like collecting, bashing and rebuilding mostly.
  5. It worked like a charm, thank you very much.
  6. Hello, I just picked up a new ta-05 kit and the second step in the instructions is to assemble the ball diffs... I'm a pretty strong well coordinated guy.. but these diffs refuse to come together. Does anyone have advice on how to put these together or am I doing this completely wrong. Why would they make it this hard?
  7. Maybe he is talking about the gear cover? my super hornet doesn't have a motor plate. You can get the B parts tree from a regular hornet, I'm about 80% positive the gearboxes are identical. same with the lunchbox/midnight pumpkin
  8. wait, how do I know the difference between a digital servo and a regular one... I didnt even know. Is this something I have to worry abut with getting the radios I mentioned above?
  9. Like I said I tried locking the diff on this model using the extra gear method. I ran into a small issue which I guess could be ignored. Having the extra gear in there kinda fattened up the overall gear just slightly enough that it would rub up against the two bearings really tight. I looked at pictures of the method and read some articles on it to make sure I did it correctly. All was fine until at very very slow speeds I noticed a vibration like rubbing sound coming from the front. It didn't effect the movement of the vehicle or stop movement, But I had determined I didn't want to put that kind of stress on the motor or drive train so I converted it back.
  10. Not sure about the general wear over time on this chassis because I recently got mine and haven't really run it enough yet. This model does offer a stock option to lock the rear diff which is really useful. I also took it upon myself to lock the front diff as well (no stock option for that) I read a tutorial online about how to lock it by wedging one of the extra diff gears you wont be using in the rear. I wouldn't recommend you do that because it caused extra friction between the chassis and the main diff gear and was not good so I changed it back to stock. That's about it though, it was an easy straight forward build took me about 2 - 3 hours.
  11. from what I've read the twin detonator /dual hunter models come with the drive train pre-built so the only thing you'll be building there will be the suspension and the shocks aren't oil filled, So it looks like a super easy build to me. In my own experience so far the hardest model I've had to build was my dark impact partially due to the diffs. I gotta tell you that I'm in the middle of building a frog and its been quite a challenge. many will tell you the CR-01 is the most challenging build though.
  12. Hello Tamiya Club, its been a little while since I posted here but Ive been watching the forums for a while. I have a question. Since I started back up in this hobby after I rediscovered my old Super Hornet I have purchased several kits. It's been so much fun putting them together painting them and racing them. The issue I have now is everytime I purchase a new model I usually have to swap out a steering servo and the radio/receiver from the previous model to the new one which leave the previous model in some pieces. SO swapping back and forth some days I feel like playing with my clodbuster, and the next id like to play with my dark impact. Its becoming a pain in the *** and my RC shelf looks like a junkyard now. I need a radio/receiver set that has a built in wire and compatible enough that I can just swap the receiver in and out of the models without any trouble. So Ive been looking on tower hobbies and I just am not sure what do get or what is good. Here is one Tower hobbies 2 chan its 79 bucks which isnt an issue I just want to know that its good and will work for what I need. I was also looking at this 3 channel one airtonics 3 chan I was looking at the 3 channel because I want to be prepared for the extra steering servo when I upgrade my clod. This one is only 10 dollars more and it has an lcd screen and 10 model memory. Does anyone have any experiences with these type of radios and are these wireless ones reliable with not loosing the signal at distance? and also can anyone point me in a direction for cheap but reliable steering servos? Thanks so much for reading all of this. Model list Super Hornet, Lunchbox, DT-02, DF-02, DF-03, Clodbuster, working on a re frog and a re hornet.
  13. I Pity the Fool who wants a Chevy!!
  14. The DT-02 is great fun, Love my Sand viper which I painted to look like a next gen hornet. They are 2wd, cheap, easy to build and comes with the esc. Ive been bashing this bad boy hard for months with no issue. The DF-03 is also awesome, I purchased a dark impact 3 months ago I prefer it exclusively to my DF-02. if I were you I would go for the DT-02 unless you are looking for a more challenging build then go for the DF-02 or Db-01, neither come with a stock esc though so youll need to do some research. These new 2wd cars also handle sooooooo much better than the vintage chassis of the hornet, grasshopper or frogs. Huge difference. OR GET A LUNCHBOX, cheap, and possibly the coolest tamiya model out there. 2wd Monster truck.
  15. I have both DT-02 and DF-02. Both are great, I perfer the Dt-02 over the DF-02 just because I love 2wd handling. For you project you may want to look into the DF-02 since it is 4wd and apparently they are very easy to put large truggy tires on them to convert them to a truggy type. Its up you ultimately though.. really depends what you want to do with your baja buggy.
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