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  1. What are they, how do they work, is it hard to fit & where do i get one for my DF03. P.
  2. Im no expert when it comes to slipper clutches and i havnt seen one...only new to this too....but i think the diff is the same in the df03 as the db01..i have a df03. Mines was slipping too and when i opened it i done the grip test too and it seemed fine but when i ran it it was slipping. I then opened up again and glued the matal plates to the outdrives using superglue...it says to use tamiya cemet on the manual. I missed this when i was building it.....also i have read on Ople.com that if you dont glue them they can strip the plastic edge off the outdrive...! Dont know if you have done this or not....what do u mean when u said the other weheel does spin quite right. Ive always felt that the tightening of the diff is a little subjective...my tight and your tight may not be the same thing. Are the ball bearings seated OK....is it defo the diff thats slipping...you dont have a slipping pinion or anything..?...u can open the gearbox back cover and roll the buggy backwards to visibly see if its slipping...u can on the df03 anyway should be the same on the db01...roll it backwards and the gearing is forced to the front of the gearbox cover so it stays in place and u can watch as you push it by hand.. P.
  3. looks too good to build dont it...lol. I have a DF03 tool built her in Feb...was the best 8 hours of me later years...anyway i asked a similar question and value for maney those EZrun systems seem to be the jobby....however cant stop lookin for a steal on a mamba max on ebay ...with a few hops ups (that you mgiht always have in your MS kit) the DF03 are begging for brushless. Im running a 12t brushed...im in your boat....time for brushless. I think the only concern is space the DF03 chasis doesnt have alot of room to fit larger ESC's might need to relocate it over the the RHS beside the sterring servo...im no expert and i havnt seen many brushless ESC's just passin on what was passed on to me. Dont know if youve built one before but its an idea to relocate your ESC over beside the sterring servo anyway as i didnt like the battery wires hovering over the 4WD drive shaft...moving it to the other side takes away the risk. Anyway - good luck.
  4. is that not what jac said....female on the power source...ie nothing can wedge between them or touch a metal surface and short out...the males / spades on the ESC etc.. I finally bought a decent battery for my DF03...4500MAH and ran it...within 1 run the tamiya connector melted...now it wont run..im waiting on deans from Ebay. Apparantly they are the boys to use as they allow higher current flow ie best power transfer from bat to ESC. P.
  5. thanks guys.....still havnt checked it out (baby duties are slowing me up)...just wondering and i have been for some time since i heard of it...but what is and how does a slipper clutch work. Does it fit on spur/pinion or is it internal to the gearbox - finally is it expensive..? P.
  6. Im at work at the moment so im looking for some info before i go home and start pulling my gearbox apart. Was using the df03 a few days ago and i noticed it was slipping...could hear the motor tune but it wasnt really moving...checked pinions just incase but they were fine as i thought bu the ball diff was lose...i could rotate it whilst holding the 2 sides (as shown in the manual as a 'how it shouldnt be')...so i tightened it up untill i couldnt turn it bu hand. Stuck it in and only got testing it this morning and its doing the same thing...? it was tight when i checked it and it hasnt been run..? have i got something worse going on Worried that ive stripped the balldiff plates - is this what i have in store for me..? My question is...if the ball diff plates stripped the plastic outdrives could i rotate it by hand even when i tighten the ball diffs..? P.
  7. Just wondering if anyone has ever stuck one of these in a DF03....does it fit...are they reliable,...they seem cheap compared with other brushless combos whats the deal..?
  8. The only ones I see on Ebay are from Singapore...?...reliable purchase...? Or is there somewhere more local to UK. I snapped one at the front....now shes a 2wd DF03.
  9. Married with 2 boys.....work as an engineer for a company that manufactures the read/write heads for Hard Disk drives. Only really getting back to RC since jan after a 20 year gap....refurbed my HS2, then got a cheap DF03 from Ebay...now am hooked.
  10. anyone know where i can get a spare copper coloured steering bearing...looks like a lost one...?
  11. My Dark Impact took a knock to the front yesterday and now my stering is screwed up....pulling the car apart i seen what has happened...looks like the steering assembly (where the copper coloured bearings go) has all shifted backwards knocking it out of alignment. Even when i reassembled it the ball socket (where the steering rod attaches) doesnt travel all the way forwards...the plastic L-bracket is catching on the gearbox top plate....? something has bent and its not obvious what. had to melt some of the gearbox plate with a soldering iron down so the steering assembly passes over it.... Anyone else had problems with this...?..the knock it took wasn't massive....why do these things not have bumpers....surely when racing a knock to the front is a pretty common impact. Weak Impact....
  12. 2 17 18 23 34 41 BONUS.....27 IF THEY COME UP ILL KILL MYSELF....
  13. Ive just ordered a new battery that has Corally connectors and my ESC has the tamiya type...Am i OK just to cut the tamiya style connector off and old battery I have and stick it on this new one by soldering the wires...is there a neater way to do it...ie can the wires be re-crimped into the tamiya connecter..? Or will i be fine with a simple solder and heat-shrink..?
  14. terry,...just watching that video agaion where you are racing a brushed laser 13t double peak vantage,.......with a brushless durga....way back on a thread about brushed vs brushless. Your 13t motor seems to be shifting alot faster than my 12t motor in my DF03..just wiondering again if thats my motor needing a decent rebuild, or the fact im using a nicd 1900mah...?
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