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  1. Oh yes.....thankyou very much for the kind comments!
  2. They are surprisingly capable so long as you are not after axial scx10 ability! Having said that, there are some awe inspiring builds over on www.rccrawler.com I love mine. It is great on the muddy woodland tracks I mostly run on. Will be looking at better rear links and locking the front diff soon too. Rich
  3. OK not the greatest pictures (photography is not one of my strong points) but here are a few taken in haste just now...... To be honest, I have not touched this for a few weeks due to work etc and now I am feeling fired up again. Especially as everywhere is nice and muddy! Will post more pics after I next get chance to do a bit.... Cheers, Rich
  4. The pictures above were taken quite a while ago and whilst I did get around to removing the 'brick', I never got to making discreet body mounts. Since then I have just used it really! It is probably my favorite runner. The body is currently mid way through being painted matt army green and I will perhaps look at the mounting options at the same time. Need to reapply the rust effects but I want it to look like it was a shabby truck that has just been painted over quickly without prep or remedial work to tidy it up a bit (if that makes sense?) so I dont know how far to go with it. Does anyone know where I can get a small amount of scale chequer plate from in UK? (I only just remembered I wanted some of this!!) I want to use some on the bonnet (weekend warrior style!!) to cover the mounting holes. Anyway, I will try and get some photos taken later and post em up. Depends on time! Thanks for looking, Rich
  5. I loved that video! I nearly cried when I saw that beautiful body shell rolling across the gravel though!!! Think I have just decided on the colour for my new Brat shell now too (gonna be a shameless copy of yours!) Cheers, Rich
  6. I Love that! I have been having bad thoughts about FAV's and Wild Ones just lately. You just made them worse! Excellent and inspired. Can I just ask what the advantage is of using the frog G Box? Cheers, Rich
  7. I was just looking at those batteries then found this thread. I have used Vapextech before for my nimh packs and am over the moon with them. Decided to look at switching over to lipo as I snapped my nimh pack when i crashed my m03 fiat 500 TBH I would rather buy from Vapextech purely on the back of my previous experience with them. Rich
  8. I am actually going to try a slower motor in mine - something like a 35t. I want to maintain some speed but on the surfaces I run on (bmx track gravel / dirt track), it spins out too easily even with the stock can so I spend most time at about 2/3 throttle anyway! The pants suspension makes it nearly impossible to get any real power down on any surface except maybe short grass!! Rich
  9. Goin to try a blackfoot extreme body later. Cant fit it properly because its my sons but I will rest it on the chassis to get an idea. How much longer are the tl01 la arms? Rich
  10. just got told off for getting mud on the hob! Women..!!
  11. So it is all back together now. I left the wheels and body as they were when i finished the last run in the woods (I think it looks cool!!) but everything underneath has had a clean and lube. Just remembered I haven't locked the front diff . I had even taken the gearbox apart to clean and grease it .......Doh!! Anyway, pics....... as rebuilt- These show the improved approach angle and (in my eyes,) looks of the new front end- I really don't like the front body posts. I kept them incase I decide to use the Toyota shell. I doubt I ever will use the shell tbh. As much as I like the Brat (its my fave shell ever) I think it looks too small on this chassis. Any ideas what shell (preferably a pick up) would look better / bigger? Cheers, Rich
  12. Yes I kind of wish I had left a bit more of an incline but what's done is done! It is a bit slopier than it looks in the picture due to the chassis pointing upwards slightly on the table. I was surprised at how difficult it is to mark out cut lines etc and it took me a good while to work up the courage to make the first cut! Will build it up tonight and see how it looks. I have been checking out the Junfac stuff.......mmmmmmm!! Cheers, Rich
  13. Hi all, I have had my Brat bodied CC01 for quite a while now and apart from run it, I haven't really done much to it. I decided to have a go at removing the brick though as it protruded past the wheels. Here are the results: Hopefully you can see where I cut. I filled the void at the bottom of the chassis with part of the brick cut down to fit and glue in with abs cement. i then cut the ali plate and araldited it in place. seems secure so it will stay like that for now. Will paint it black so it will get scuffed and chipped just like the rest of the car! Only other mod is a set of Kongs which are a vast improvement over the standard tyres and a good price too! Rich
  14. I love the scale look of my cc01 and the way it drives with a 65 turn motor through the mud and along woodland trails. It gets muddy and scratched but thats all part of it. At yhe speeds she runs i dont imagine anything will break. When i built my m03 fiat 500 and spent days on thebody i vowed it would stay nice. However wheb my 11yr old son brought and built his m05 mini our first outing turned into a fun but slightly abusive game of tap and spin chases resulting in cosmetic damage to both. My thrasher is the hornet and it keeps on coming back for more. Most enjoyable of them all though is slow and steady, in mud with my cc01! Rich
  15. Is the chassis still available? Ad says that the prop is included. I can't see the drive cup for the front end of the drive shaft. Do you have that aswell? Rich
  16. callisr


    Just to add that I am thinking pick up truck style offf roader type thing hence cc01 wheels. It started life as an escort cosworth. Is it worth looking for a roller or even a ta02 roller if enough parts are interchangeable? Rich
  17. callisr


    Not sure my TA01 qualifies as vintage so hope this is ok in here! I last used my TA01 at least 17yrs ago and at that time it ended its days as rwd dor some long forgotten reason. I need all the gears for the front box, prop shaft and dog bones. This is a budget build (£40 or so) so what is the best way to go? Bearings need to be acounted for in he budget and i have no shell either! I do have a set of cc01 wheels and tyres though...... Will post pics later after my sons christening........ Cheers Rich
  18. Dunno about tyres but that looks awwsome! Would never have known it was a hornet lol
  19. First thing to do is get straight round there and pick up the wife and kids. Say 'I feel selfish having a day to myself so I thought it would be nice to go out as a family to the cinema / restaurant / park / picnic' (choose one or more of these options!!) DO NOT mention the lack of parts! Then SHE will feel guilty and give you another day and YOU WILL SAVE MONEY on shoes (I know you will have had to spend a bit on the above excuses (I mean options!!) but at least you will have gained from them aswell !!!) All's well that ends well and you become a HERO !!! its all good! Rich
  20. I'd live with it personally but I don't like box art anyway! Only other way I guess would be to strip the whole shell (I think using dot 4 brake fluid) and starting again. Alternatively, what about getting some vinyl (like the decals are made of) in as near as possible the right colour and applying it to the outside? Dunno what the profile is like where you need it to be blue but it may be a possibility? Rich
  21. Kimborough it is then. Got a ms order to do so ill pop some on. I have put a hpi servo in my box which uses the futaba servo attachment. It pushes onto the splines alot further and more positively than the acoms servo / attachment combination which has about halved the play straight away. As always, thanks for the help! Rich
  22. Cool. I couldnt live further from abeach if i tried. Looks like such fun. Car cam is fantastic. Thanks for showing! Rich
  23. Like the 'kills' idea. not sure the door is big enough though lol! I had thought of the nose art though and have been researching that idea......
  24. Lunchbox is back together. Not bothered with detailing as its gonna get battered again anyway LOL Rich
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