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  1. I am on a 'low' RC level at the moment, not really used them for ages (doesnt help the local park is full of dog waste!) but right behind the times nowadays, still using brushed and nimh batteries!
  2. lol, my collection shrinks and grows ! got 5 actually, but one is a falcon and the other an M02 Eunos, but they no longer get used! but the clod has a body that is knackered, by bush devil is the goto basher so that is also not fit for display and the dual hunter is in pretty good condition but the body i suspect was painted with TS rather than PS paint by the previous owner (i had the same on my bush devil). would live a collection of the classics, the falcon build from new old parts is slow, but have 2 original bodies & decals and 2 sets of the front arms and some small shockers...
  3. As title, i have 3 cars, all in a 'used', so not really suitable for displaying, but just wondering what other people have and how do they display? IIRC there was someone who had the models built up and stickered up but left the bodies clear so the internals could be seen.. thanks
  4. in stock with MSUK now according to their facebook.
  5. 2 sets of shocks, U and T parts (shock body and spacer/bottom/inside). advertised as falcon, but IIRC they have 2 different lengths, but decent price at £11 delivered as some places are selling just one U part for £6.
  6. i like the shape (seen the car on MSUK, £130), and yes a driver figure is needed, and seems to have the look of a 90's tamiya, must be the yellow shocks.. I like it, i doubt it will be an iconic model, but i wouldnt say no to it.
  7. http://gadgetshow.channel5.com/gadget-show/videos/top-5/top-5-radio-controlled-cars one of these
  8. Yay, arrived today! 48 days from posting! blimey. but now I have 2 NIB R parts, £16 each including postage so not a bad price IMO for something that is not common, just keeping an eye out for other falcon bits now so slowly build up a complete model....
  9. i have said to him that i am willing to wait until the 6th of april (about 2 weeks) before i would like to start any refund proceedings.
  10. Just what the seller had said, the resolution has been put in with ebay, but as said more annoyed than anything!
  11. Hi All, won some Falcon R parts NIP from canada and it has been over a month (well 1 month and a week) since they were paid, and marked dispached on the 16th, i paid i thin a shade over £30 for 2 NIP R part trees, but as Falcon lovers know, R parts NIP are pretty rare and don't really show up that often and when they do they get high prices Now as nothing has arrived i emailed the seller and he said he would check, but didn't get any more response and he sent via international air small packets, not tracked. I had until the 26th (i think ebay had) to put a resolution issue in, so regretfully i have had to do this as i dont think anything will arrive. Most peeved as i really wanted these to make a start on buying odds and sods new to eventually have a new build falcon so is 1 month too long to wait or shall i still hold out some hope?
  12. nothing still waiting for some parts from canada sent on the 16th with international air small packets..getting concerned now...
  13. http://www.theregister.co.uk/2013/02/13/pi_carbot/
  14. An Aquaroll mains adapter and 2Gb memory for my PC, nothing RC related, but i have just bought 2 sets of NIP R parts for the Falcon (front shock mounts) for £15 each, to keep it related No idea if it was a good deal until they arrive from across the globe, but knowing how rare they are new and how often people ask for them i may keep one set to build up a NIP Falcon over time, and one to keep in the spares drawer. As i have 2 original Falcon bodysets and original decals i may start looking for cheap NIP items over time, no rush and it will NOT be a runner if i ever complete it!
  15. My Ebay Dual Hunter, surprisingly for me managed to find a decent one that doesnt need anything doing with it (much!) http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=117915&id=1470
  16. part of the club now ! http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=117915&id=1470
  17. waiting for one of them today, nothing..... it wil arrive tomorrow when i am out and about no doubt.
  18. http://www.tamiyaclu...=105617&id=1470 TS on a lexan shell, blue is the original colour, white was what i used to back the shell with white PS paint just to tidy it up. What is white was just clear as the paint had flaked.
  19. bummer, i have the etronix one that is DSSS, and £23 for a receiver is too much, hence why i swap between models. got excited for a moment!
  20. hi all, quick (and probably easy)one. I have a traxxas bandit with the stock 19t motor/etc. now i have found that i can fit some hex adapters from a bush devil to the rear wheels and the wheels from the BD fits quite nicely and may add abit of better traction on the local park for when i want to run it (looks odd though!) so what will happen? i dont want to damage anything that i dont need to. ta
  21. amusing how all RC's look similar one the snow has come! also you should try to reduce your image size, the pic is 3Mb, this shouldnt really be any more than 300ishk, helps loading times as well
  22. i have vapextech ones, seem to be well made, i have had some for a good few years without trouble. Not treated kindly (left without use for 8+ months) and then charges up quite well (need a few to fill up past the false-peak), plenty of punch and for the price they appear to be slightly cheaper than 'named', but for a basher they are ideal IMO. i have the 4300 and 3700. http://www.vapextech.co.uk/
  23. Thanks Lee (i think lol!) Just bagged myself a 'dual hunter' from evilbay for £61 delivered, just needs a crystal and controller, so will just swap my 2.4Ghz receiver into it. It looks to be quite clean, and also appears to have the Tamiya dual motor ESC, so fingers crossed i have managed to find a good example that hasn't been abused much!
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