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  1. hahahahah . oh mate this thing gets well used ... especially in the bush ....
  2. yea mate .... ik good .... hows you doing ..... you still have my old girl ?
  3. hahahah i admire your honesty ...srbs are just fun ..... so whos willing to race head to head ?
  4. yep a head to head shoot out..... shame to say the srb would be no where to be seen .
  5. yep very true...still good value for money considering how advanced they were for the time i think
  6. new scorpion v new RC 10......... whats your money on and why ?....
  7. subaru legacy turbo ..... a colin mc rae tribute please !!!
  8. bad news my man . hope they get a bullet up there *******
  9. can we get some directions /location up n so i can plan a route .i like to prepare thats all
  10. too short notice for me guys . . but the scorcher will be upfor sale includes a few diffs( one needs looking at ) think it mite be thorp 6 batteries. n some spares plus a lexan body . ive gone to 4x4 pajero now ..... please keep me posted on any more meets ....... cheers wayneo
  11. im looking forward to sum good vids on this thread . i aint seen snow in 4 years !!
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