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  1. I think Super HotShot gives you more vintage feel in both the design and performance - isn’t that what is about? “Golden Oldies, the second time round” the fact that you had the Boomerang, whether good or bad experience previously, HotShot series has a unique flavor - the gearbox harsh noise, the high stance, the details at the cockpit, the golden chromed wheels, the lack of adjustability- all shouts the 1980s period ie last century, which reminds you of your youth, your simple frustrations, your innocence, your siblings and close relatives who had since passed on. Very different from worries of adulthood - finances, jobs, shortened sleeping hours, family commitments, etc. Yawn 😴😴
  2. noticed this by chance. trademark infringement? its origin is from Philippines https://shopee.ph/TAMIYA-Care-for-Protection-i.121732666.6934156623
  3. have you tried putting “wing-stay” adapter in front of the rear shock tower rather than behind the rear shock tower? just wondering if it will look better.
  4. That’s a beautiful army beetle. I like the olive Matt green - the surface looks smooth. Did you have a link/thread to your build?
  5. Very nice photos and descriptions. Feels as if I was doing a restoration for my own old Boomerang. What was the Durango parts for? I want to see what you are going to do with the new bodyshell 😀
  6. Probably a DF03 VQS that looks like the 1/32 Mini4wd VQS with bulky “ shark gills” at the side. 😄 I derived this presumption from the previous experience a decade ago when Tamiya launched the DF03 Avante MK2. Their target market - mini4wd f ans of VQS. And maybe just like the Avante MK2 timeline, it was then followed by the real Avante launch a year or 2 later 😄. That”s why it’s called Vanquish (2020) VQS
  7. The development of the replica of Jamie Booth TRF Egress - a must read 😄
  8. I agree with your observation. I think maneuverability was in the cards - low +ve caster angle, short wheelbase, front big tyres and steep angled coil-over front shocks. The servos during that period had good torque/strong so Tamiya probably thought straight line stability will not be compromised with low +ve caster angle but with so much play in the steering system, the front tyres were flopping all over on a bumpy track just like a 🐠 out of the water, making a nervous handling buggy. I think if the steering linkages were tight and accurate coupled with strong suspension parts (previously aluminum tapered rods were used which bent easily & the brittle grey upright bracket thingy & the brittle grey rocker arm for frontal collision), Tamiya could have pulled off a winner out of the box as a reliable competitive buggy) I have seen an Avante beat a Yokomo dogfighter YZ10 by 1 car length in an A mains Final in 1989 (Singapore) - the Avante was able to take a few corners tightly (like on rails) till it crossed the finishing line first. However if the Avante is driven on the tar road on sponge tyres (like the yesteryear”s Tamiya F1 tyres), it runs and handles silky smooth.
  9. For the 4WD buggies, I think the Porsche 959 might have started the longitudinal motor placement design. That placement allows the CG to be more centered and this probably spurred the development of the Avante chassis. That in turn evolved into TT01/02 buggy, DB01, DF02 & TRF502. And not forgetting their competitors jumping into the same bandwagon eg Associated. Correct me if I am wrong, but a centered CG for a 4WD buggy allows better cornering and mid-air roll, pitch and yaw control. As for the Avante”s suspension design, it’s probably adapted from the Rear suspension of the Racing Buggy series where the drive shaft pivot along the same line as the lower arm suspension, probably to provide better ground clearance for off road.
  10. I just noticed that the Terra Scorcher adjusters are now in Black instead of Blue.
  11. That’s one sharp looking Orange shell. Orange makes it look somewhat like a Lamborghini. That front shock tower, are they custom made?
  12. Leonis DB02 is a short lived once off model. I can only think of one other model with this fate - the Fox Will we appreciate DB02 in the distant future? There is not much story around it’s conception.
  13. The driver in the clear cockpit makes the buggy look to scale.
  14. Wow, beautiful color scheme. This is the best MantaRay shell I have seen.
  15. Me too! Specifically turbo optima mid SE & Yokomo YZ10 . I am glad the Cat XLS was re-released and getting my hands on that soon.
  16. I was just looking at the CRP front suspension conversion. I have always seen them on the Hornet and Grasshoppers in the forum. Anyone installed them on the Striker or Sonic Fighter?
  17. Is the Futaba FX10 a licensed buggy from Tamiya? It looks similar to the Striker/Sonic Fighter but its front shock tower is different in design. Does the Striker kit provide different shock towers?
  18. Group photos please 😁 What”s that about the CRP front braces? 🤔
  19. After watching Tamiya Legends Youtube presentation on the Striker and Sonic Fighter, they look quite nice when placed side by side as a pair. But when I first saw the Striker/Sonic Figher 30 years ago in the Tamiya RC Guide Book, they were like a joke when compared to the fox, hotshot, boomerang. Maybe they can be considered the bridge for the smooth evolution from the Hotshot/Fox to the Thundershot / Fire Dragon series. Would you get one if they were re-released? 😁
  20. A good re-release for the shell. Probably in a TA02 chassis. Personally, I prefer that it comes with big wheels like the original.
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