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  1. i'm posting from italy and i can pay with paypal thanks to all
  2. Finally is my original XC Pajero. I've poured hours and hours of hard work into this model as it's been one of my favourites. As it is currently, I've done a lot of work to the body and turned it into a pickup style thing (see pics). I've also done quite a bit to the chassis. It's got 4" shocks both front and rear, and the rear axle now incorporates a 4-link suspension setup to help suppleness and articulation. To allow for the 4" shocks on the front I've had to drill holes in the front wheel-arches to allow the shocks to poke through and mount them from above the chassis. It's got full bearings throughout and has quite recently had brand new metal gears installed in the rear axle. Also got near-new RC4WD rockstompers with Tamiya hummer wheels, painted black. I had to take the wheelarches back a bit to get these to fit properly. The front suspension arms have been grinded back slightly by me to allow for extra droop, and the front of the chassis has also been taken back a bit to allow room for the metal skid guard to fit. The bodywork it a bit rough in places but if you're looking to run it then it wouldn't matter at all. Holes drilled in back of shell for brake lights (not included). Has a spare wheel and tyre attached to the back and would come with all the rear rollcage / box section. Also has full radio gear, ESC and a Graupner Speed 600 7.2V motor (stunning torque). I'm after about £75 ONO for this. See pics of how it is now below and more here: http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.a...257&id=3221 Hy i'm very interesting to your pajero. Is possibile for you ship to italy? pls pls pls I can pay with paypal. thanks a lot
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