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  1. I still have my first rc frog fortunately. Gone through a new chassis since it was driven through by a bicycle and cracked the front part of the chassis..
  2. Very nice restoration. Nice to see it was used and enjoyed before..
  3. Awesome work on the superchamp... Nice to see it all done.
  4. Congratulations on the find. I found one of those awhile back luckily it wasn't expensive. Around $10.00 unused part like the one you have. I never thought of finding one of those by chance there was one for sale just sold a bumper as I remember.. Happy to find it..🙂
  5. That's awesome you found it. I could not upload any photos anymore to the site i reached my limit i guess. What hosting site do you guys use?
  6. Totally forgot it came with a really messed up body that i just fixed up a little. Can't seem to throw it away...
  7. Your lucky to get a super champ as a first RC I could only look at it at the hobby shop... Thinking when can I have one of those.. The first superchamp i got is a really wide version with no body.. I was so excited to finally get one of them. Found out the body was hard to find in good shape....
  8. I might do that option. I'll take a closer look on the other one see what can be done.. I had a samurai at one point but sold it to somebody.. didn't have any marui rc before was more into tamiya that time.. The land cruiser I kept since we had one of those before..
  9. Erich nice to see you work again on restoring a big bear. I never had one of those before but for some reason had a new interior piece that i gave to someone who was fixing one up.. I'm sure this will look really nice again after the restoration.. waiting for the updates ..😀😀
  10. Love looking at the rear of this model 😀
  11. I have another one of these i got a longtime ago but haven't done anything yet. Body is not as nice as this one..
  12. Happy belated birthday, Nelson!

    So sorry to be late for the party! :D

  13. It sure is. I don't know if I have the heart to open it or not...😮😃😃
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