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  1. Looks really nice...should be a nice runner...
  2. I just chucked it out the other day got frustrated with it. Should have taken a pic first it was really in bad shape...☹ it won't even line up properly too.. In the 48 states😃
  3. Thanks Mark! I should do a photoshoot like you did. It will take sometime to assemble them all for pics..
  4. Scorcher is looking great! Looking forward to more updates... I'm looking for an mk1 gearbox to fix my broken one. In case your going to sell one let me know. 🙂
  5. Nice collection of srb stuff. I'm also an srb nut. 😃 nice to see the new srb parts still in packages. I collected some of them too over the years. For some reason I could not find the plastic rear arms for them. One day....
  6. Do you still have your dual wheel blackfoot?

  7. Only added a couple of stuff on it.. i'll take a photo soon.
  8. Totally forgot about this one... Didn't notice its been awhile already.....😮😮😃
  9. Always have good results with him. Have dealt with him for quite a while already..
  10. Added another display case for the wild willys..
  11. Nice to see another project going i knew your going to get something while your away..
  12. A few of my $50 dollar deals. 1) I was buying an optima that was in really bad shape. Saw another rc in the pic which i had no idea what it is. It was a mint avante. One of the gears was wrongly assembled made weird sounds. It was only tested but never ran because of the gear noises for $50. The optima was $50 dollars too. 2)Blackfoot found at the auction with bad pics surprisingly it came with a thorp diff. $50 Found a used hotshot 1 with box for $30 shipped. Next few hotshots were all like new i was just looking for parts cars i ended up with 2 mint ones used only a couple of times.. Those were $100 each but still a deal i think it was also before the re-re came out. A super wide superchamp for $50 my 1st srb ☺ Found a blazer for sale for $150 or $170 looked at it the first time thought it was too expensive for an old truck didn't buy it missing the wings. A week or two later the seller asked me if i wanted to buy it so we met again he told me he was just going to use the money to buy some traxxas stuff. I was still having second thoughts of buying it. Eventually bought the blazer. Didn't know much about the blazer that time. 😮😮
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