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  1. I might do that option. I'll take a closer look on the other one see what can be done.. I had a samurai at one point but sold it to somebody.. didn't have any marui rc before was more into tamiya that time.. The land cruiser I kept since we had one of those before..
  2. Erich nice to see you work again on restoring a big bear. I never had one of those before but for some reason had a new interior piece that i gave to someone who was fixing one up.. I'm sure this will look really nice again after the restoration.. waiting for the updates ..😀😀
  3. Love looking at the rear of this model 😀
  4. I have another one of these i got a longtime ago but haven't done anything yet. Body is not as nice as this one..
  5. Happy belated birthday, Nelson!

    So sorry to be late for the party! :D

  6. It sure is. I don't know if I have the heart to open it or not...😮😃😃
  7. Car looks to be in great condition bodywise. I discovered some damages and repairs while cleaning it up the other day. Suspension mount piece was replaced with a metal piece. Front shock mount has a crack. Comparison pics left and right.
  8. I'm sure someday you will have the inspiration to build it. This one would probably be a different color haven't decided yet for now.🙂 Packaged screws are open...
  9. Time to build the next project with some different parts collected over the years..
  10. More pics body is in really nice shape missing a few items.. lamp and an arm
  11. Finally got a spot for the wild willy i got a few weeks ago. It has been sitting on the floor the whole time..🙂🙂
  12. No work Got into a bad accident a year or so already. Keeping ends to meet. Might end up selling some of the remote control toys to survive. On the bright side I still have lots of work to fix up the rc here. Lunchbox, srb's, blackfoots to fix up...
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