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  1. I had 1 set of them but I ended up putting them on my runner, sorry cant help.
  2. All good for this weekend, looks like we should have some good weather too. I've been through all my runners & apart from a few tweaks & a couple needing parts they're ready to go. so I have this lot ready for Sunday. not all runners but most are for sale. Though I don't know how I'm going to fit it all in my car. Apart from the cars I have listed before I have a few random nip parts for sale. Runner, doner & used parts. nip parts, all original Fox. I'm undecided on price, make me an offer? I was gonna hold on to what Astute parts I have but I might be persuaded to sell the lot, runner & box full of nip parts. Talk about it on Sunday.
  3. Any time that weekend is good for me, lets hope the weather holds out for us. Barker rd should still be there as it's a public bmx track although I'm not sure on its present condition. Been sorting through some stuff, what I want to keep & what I can let go. I discovered nearly all my runners need some service or repair, so I've got some work ahead of me in the next few weeks. Here's a list of some stuff I'm selling. Blackfoot, with box Supershot, Hotshot 2, Brat, Hornet, new in parts Fox, Runner + doner car + 90% complete car new in parts Kingcab, new built + runner Monster beetle, new built + runner there's more just haven't had time sort through yet.
  4. All right I went past that bushland near Beechboro today on the way home from work & its surrounded by a barbed wire fence. so I think that's out. yeh m8 had to put my hobbies on the back burner for a while & save my $$$$ for a real car. as for what I'm selling to much to think of off the top of my head, I'll make a bit of list & get back to you. What happened to all the Perth members? I know life gets in the way sometimes but I thought we would have gained a few new members by now. I know you guys are out there chime in. I agree mate looong overdue.
  5. Hey guys it's been a while but I still lurk these forums from time to time. It would be good dust off a few cars meet up for a run. So if you come up with a time & place you can count me in. Also I've decided to thin my collection down to about 10 cars, so I have a lot of stuff to sell. Would rather pass it to club members so a club meet is a good place to start. I go past there all the time too but I haven't been in there, will check it out next time I go past but it looks like a typical 4wd area.
  6. Wow time flies, May 18th sounds good to me. Only a few weeks away, I should be able to get a couple of cars ready by then. Hopefully I should have my Astute rebuilt by then to.
  7. No worries, still keen though what ever date? preferably before winter though.
  8. Sounds like a plan, count me in. As for motors the slowest brushless I have is a 8.5, for stock class though I'm fine with running a black can on 2s.
  9. The space is there to accommodate the use of the B2 part instead of B5 as stated in step #9 in the Brat manual. To be honest I've never used the B5 part, all ORV chassis cars with this gearbox came with both parts. Only the Brat & Lancia rally manuals show that you can use both, after that all ORV manuals says to use B2 & the B5 part is shaded out as not used but is still included.
  10. Although this works it will see you chewing out spur gears & gearsets are getting increasingly harder to find. To rebuild the diff you need the bearings which can still be found in the Egress diff parts, the diff casings, plenty on Ebay & the right ball diff grease. The problem is that this gearbox was designed for a buggy(Astute/Madcap)& not for the larger wheels of the MR/KC but a properly built diff will work fine as long as you don't put a crazy motor in it. There are plenty of threads in the forums about different solutions to this troublesome gearbox, most swap it out for another. Nice find on that Monster racer very fun truck to drive. You may want to swap the tires though if the're in good shape, especially the rear ones as they are like hens teeth to find. As for decals this truck hasn't been re-re'd so originals are hard to find but do show up from time time. I have seen people use Toyota Prerunner decals to good effect though as they are very similar.
  11. I agree the Carine rcc guys input was a big help & Adrian's idea of running a stock vintage class on club days could be fun.
  12. Some great pics there guys. It was an awesome day with our best turn out yet 50+ cars!! our little TC Perth club meets seem to growing. Thanks to everyone who turned up especially Thommo for organising & Adrian from Carine rcc. Here's some of my pics. group shot in the pits on the track And here's a quick vid of matman running a practice lap with his Egress, just before he had us all searching the track for a lost shock spring. looking forward to the next meet already guys.
  13. Sounds good to me, count me in. $10 for lunch & use of the track, bargain. I'm open to any group/class or race too, although none of my runners have stock motors. That can be changed though.
  14. A 17.5 may get over the two doubles but IMO a bit more would be better, the track seems to be designed for 1/8 scale so the jumps are quite far apart especially the back triple. But I found as the track surface is pretty uneven it's just as much trying to get the right line for the jumps as the speed to clear them, to be honest I didn't even complete 1 full lap clearing all the jumps & I only made the back triple once all day. Still a fun track to use, can't wait to get back there.
  15. I had a couple of nice deliveries this week which made happy & sad. First was 2 HW waterproof 120a brushless esc's & 2 Trackstar motors a 8.5t & a 5t 550 This is the first time I've tried these Trackstar motors & was disappointed that they didn't come with wires or plugs, I now have to go to the lhs to get some. Also got ***** Astute & Top Force bodies but my Top force wing was missing, I sent ***** a message & am still awaiting a reply. I was hoping this stuff would get here before the Perth TC meet which was last Sunday but just my luck it all arrives a few days later. I just realised the Top force wing is on the back of the body on the same mould. my mistake I off to send ***** another message now.
  16. I was the same as everyone else, I took pics at the start then was to busy running cars after that & forgot to take any more. It was a fun day & was good to catch up & meet members of both clubs, and get used to the track. I think most us spent more time on the work bench then on the track Thanks to Thommo for organising & to Carine RCC for letting us use the track. I noticed that they have a couple of pics on their website. Looking forward to the next meet guys, now that we have a track to use maybe it could be sooner rather then later?
  17. Sorry to hear that guys though if thing go well maybe we can use the track again at a time that suits everyone. I have to admit I've been a bit slack & a couple of projects I was hoping to finish before today haven't been done & a couple of new motors I ordered from Hobbyking haven't arrived yet(will show up tomorrow knowing my luck) I still have 6 or 7 runners ready to go & I may still bring my King cab though it's not finished. At least it looks like we have the weather on our side today so it should be a fun day. Still charging batts & getting cars ready at the moment will see you guys soon
  18. If your willing to send it to Australia I'll gladly take it off your hands & restore it. It would also give me an excuse to run the one already on my shelf (a mark 2) http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=108458&id=27857
  19. This thread may help http://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=52928
  20. Looks to me that you got mark1 Sand scorcher, there are lots of threads in the forums stating the differences, Good deal for $60,good luck with the restore. from the photo's the only parts I can see that aren't original are the rear tires & the silver uni joints they look to be from a Super Champ.
  21. had a couple of packages arrive today a Fox that I bought as a parts doner to repair my runner Fox but now that it's arrived I think my runner will be donating parts to this. also some new Fox shocks & driveshafts for the parts bin.
  22. I went down to the track for the Bombshell classic, didn't speak to anyone just went to check out the track & watch I bit of racing. sounds like they are going to let us have the run of the track, how does everyone want to run? do we want to have races or just drive around like last time? & what cars is everyone going to run?
  23. Sounds good to me, & I should be good for the 28th April. We need to find out a more details though, costs? will we grouped into classes-stock/mod/year/chassis type? how do they feel about track usage on non club days? might try to get there on Sunday & check it out.
  24. I wish, just collecting parts to redo my Highlift Hilux Today's deliveries, set of Astute screw bags Manta ray N parts, I thought these only came on the XB versions, never seen them as a parts tree before.
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