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  1. I didnt fit a brushless to mine, but I did fit a Traxxas VXL-3 esc with the std can. I run 3s 2200mah 40c lipo's in it with the speed gears. Gets up and goes very well now. I also did the same with my wifes Brat. She fitted the speed gears and the **** thing steps out sidewards on the road when you cruise past at half throttle then give it full. Has some insain speed on the sand as well. Get good run times from the 2200mah lipos. Makes us both smile when we run them.
  2. Its only half a truck...... Missing a rear drive axle.
  3. Um yep, that was awhile ago now. The crawlers have been sold as have the two tamiya scalers we had and have been replaced with a number of other scalers. Still havent found anyone local into scalers.
  4. I run the 20/65 combo in mine. But i also use a traxxas VXL-3 ESC from the slash in it and run 11.1v lipo with the std can. Great pick up and top end to boot! If the motor dies it will only cost me $5/10 for a new one... So far it has held up just fine.
  5. QIK-RX4 Rob, 38 Kirwan - Townsville QLD
  6. Not to long ago i bought myself a re-re scorcher. Gave it a nice paint job, up-graded it with some nice alloy rims, chassis bumpers etc. Well while searching evilbay one night I came across some PARMA coil over shocks NIP for the rear of the scorcher. What i am trying to track down is a matching set for the front. They are blue in colour and yes alloy. Does anyone know where i could get a set from? Or does someone have a set they would like to part with? I know it might be a needle in a hay stack, but i thought I might try. Cheers, Rob.
  7. Here I am.. Home at last! 5 and a bit months away in another country. Well here is the list....... 1 x NIB MU kit. 1 x NIB Brat kit for my wife. 2 x Kumodo 4wd's. doners for new scale 4wd projects. 1 x Traxxas slash platnuim mine. 1 x Traxxas slash rtr for the wife. 1 x Sand scorcher. 1 x Pajero old school one. 1 x Wild One. New built. 1 x Super Shot. 1 x Bruiser. Very nice box art runner. Thanks Rad! 1 x Dx3r. 2 x Alloy rim set for tamiya semi's. 1 x Alloy scorcher rims. 1 x Alloy rim and tyre set for scale 4x4. 1 x Celica GR.B runner. Needs some work. 1 x Scorcher alloy rear bar. 2 x Traxxas servo's water proof. 2 x Traxxas VLX ESC. For brat and scorcher. 1 x 65T crawler motor. For the MU. 2 x Ace 15kg servo's. 1 x Ball diff for scorcher 2 x Sets of new proline swomper tyres. 2 x Sets of rc4wd steel rims. 1 x Ally chassis plate made by this nice guy for the scorcher. 1 x Ever alloy upgrade part made for the CC-01 chassis. for the MU. 4 x 2200mah 11.1v lipo's for the scale 4x4's. 3 x 5000mah 11.1v lipo's for the slash's. 2 x Tamiya toyota highlift body's. includes everything to finish them. 1 x Tamiya Chevy body kit. All parts to complete it. 2 x Rubber wheel arch sets. One for hilux, one for chevy. 3 x Bearing sets, one for the brat, scorcher and the other for the MU. 2 x Sets of 1.9 scale tyres from rc4wd. 1 x Other bits and peices for the scale 4wd's. 1 x Dx3s for my wife... (it still in the mail) 1 x Parkzone T-28 Trojan. 1 x G-15 gaming keyboard... 1 x Razor Mamba gaming mouse. I think that just about covers it all......... Oh... hang on, I saved the best till last!....... I got to see my 7 week old son!!!!!!!! Not that the mailman dropped him off. Now in between learning how to be a dad i am thinking about building some scale 4x4. Cheers, Rob.
  8. 10k + For us. Just my HPI Baja 5T alone is near $3500 with all its "extra's". My wife's rampage is around $2800. Our Tundra and Hilux highlifts were near $1500 each to set up. The two axial scalers were a little cheaper at $1200 each. Two truck kits and trailers........But the alloy rims look **** nice! Now the new scalers are starting to add up. But I am now using some of the running gear from the highlifts. Motors, esc, rx's. Then the new found love for some vintage tamiya's.... We wont go into the cost of them. At the end of the day my wife is happy for me to buy the toys for each of us. I dont drink and we both stopped smoking over 12 months ago. (worked out smoking was costing us $9500 a year) So I recon as long as your happy then the cost doesnt matter. Cheers, Rob.
  9. That looks nice! I love the black rims with the white writing. Just a little tip, you might want to turn your radio switch so it is pointing downwards. Will make it easier for you to turn it on and off without trying to bend your finger in... Cheers, Rob.
  10. I did. Its still in the mail as far as I know. As im still away I havent seen it.
  11. Now that looks good. Will have to hurry up home and help my wife finish her Brat! How often do you guys get together Mad Racer? We will be down Sydney way around crissy time. The packing list consists of Traxxas Slashes, vintage tamiya beach bashers and scale 4WD's. Then our son and me... The boss has it all worked out. Cheers, Rob
  12. I will be the first to say i have never had the problem of sand in my hole..... There was this one time with water....er.... slide in Dubai that...er.... ahhh Never mind! I havent built my scorcher as yet, but I will be sure to check that I cover its hole when I run it. I will prob use a rubber grommit of some sort as i have a GJ kit in the shed full of them and all sizes too!
  13. I would say the hot shot. I have never built either of them from scratch. But I bought a second hand HS when i was a kid. I was looking at a HS kit, but bought a supershot insteed. Tho my wife and I are building a Brat kit together so she can run it on the beach when i take my yet to be built scorcher out. Oh, as im still away we have been building over MSN and skype... Makes for interesting fun.. Cheers, Rob.
  14. I used to use Spektrum DX3.0 But I got offered a brand new DX3R for $100. So I up graded. The wife still has her DX3.0 but I will buy here a DX3S as soon as i get home. For our 3 speeds I used DX6i's and for my collection of micro planes. Anyone want to buy a second hand 3.0? Will have 2 for sale soon!
  15. The wife and I are heading down to Sydney late Nov early Dec. We will be having a stop over in Brissy. I might have to pack the SS and her Brat and try catch up with you guys for a run. So far I have to pack the scale 4wd's and our slashes. I guess we can fit the old schools in as well. I will keep an eye on this thread for dates etc you guys are metting. Cheers, Rob.
  16. I think I will have to start road tripping to your place with the wife TA-Mark! Cut some practice laps in with some of the buggys. I'll have to bring the baja 5T if i decide to keep it.
  17. Well for those interested. Toy Traders dont carry anything on hand and if they do it is very vry minimal. With tamiya orders for kits or parts the reason it takes so **** long is they wait until they can fill a container (20 footer) with gear and then place the order with Tamiya. Once the order is placed then you gotta wait a month for the order to turn up and then be sent out. Two ways i found this out, first was when we looked at buying into a local hobby shop and the second was when I ordered a Tundra highlift kit through a shop in Melbourne via the internet. the guys in the shop got upset with me calling everyweek asking for my kit (pre-paid for including postage). 3 months it took to get here. They gave me the number for TT wharehouse and i became good "phone friends" with a worker there. I would call once a week and ask for him. Was rather funny some days as some interesting stories would come out. Even a big TW shop here has sold up everything Tamiya as the above problems happen. Its easier for them to stock other brands known and un known as they can get parts faster. It is a shame, but I guess this is what happens when people want deeper pockets to hold more cash. One last thing, from what we learnt hobby shops make upto a 400% profet on spare parts than the money made on kits. So you would think they would sell kits as cheap as they can so more buy and more get broken so they cash in on the parts. And yes we still have some price lists of spare parts.... Comes in handy when you have to buy from the local shop and you see the prices. I would buy local if they carried what i want. But they dont, so i shop online. Even online shopping is bad. Bought some vintage brat shocks from Sydney. After 10 days i sent an email asking were they were. Response was they have been sent. 10 mins later another response, you havent paid yet. (paid 5 mins after auction) A day later: I will express post em to you. Takes no more than 3 days at the most for a normal letter to reach us. Been another 5 days and still nothing... ahhh good times. Cheers, Rob.
  18. Ok guys / girls I cant make my mind up. Should I drive my Wild One or leave it as a shelf queen? it's a brand new build from a kit and i picked it up of evilbay around a month and a half ago. I am yet to run it and my wife posted up some pics. I was keen as to set it up and drive it, but the more i look at it i think it should stay on the shelf. I have bought new cvd drive shafts for it and some shims for the gearbox ready to run it. Any thoughts peoples? http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.a...8&sid=27862
  19. My vote would have to be a re- re scorcher. I bought one and I am yet to build it. (away with work) But I did get to look at it and Im in love. I have watched a few video's of them moded and stock on you-tube. So with mine I picked up a traxxas VLX-3 esc so I can run lipo's with it. I aslo bought some 2200mah 11.1v's off hobby king. So with the stock can it should rip along just nice. I have a ball diff to go in it as well but a good friend of mine advised me not to worry about putting it in. So this will be my beach basher while my wife bashes her subaru brat. Cheers, Rob.
  20. Thanks for the info guys. I didnt want to go chopping stuff up. I might look at getting a set and keeping the bruiser parts ina box safe n sound.
  21. Can some one please tell me if the rims off a Hilux 4x4 / blazing blazer fit onto a Bruiser? I dont own both models to pull wheels off to look. But i was wondering if someone knew please?
  22. I bought a few 11.1v 2200mah flightmax's for the scorcher and i am going to make them fit the wifes new subaru brat I just bought her. I picked up a traxxas vlx3s esc for the scorcher and just about to buy another for the wife. Well she is going to buy it for herself. Lipo's rock.
  23. Wow, thats an interesting mod. A little over the top for me. But thanks for the idea. I might have a go at making a mono shock set up.
  24. Dont worry about it mate. You've takin to long to reply, infact no replys. I bought a Bruiser insteed. Good luck.
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