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  1. just got a rear anti roll bar and a front fpr shock tower for my TA02 for a car boot sale and i just cant figure it out and might be missing some bits any help appriecated thanks
  2. got my new rims shold of taken the pic before i trashed the front of my shell tho
  3. FRP TA02 chassis with box my birthday has come early
  4. i thought the 22t would be to much with the EZ9t??? i think the mount i have is a copy ive tryed it in all possitions with lots of pinions but it just looks wrong on the spur gear
  5. i just got some of these http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Mesh-Wheels-4WD-FWD-...alenotsupported think they will look evil on my delta im not sure what color in gona do the car yet tho
  6. soaked for 10/15 min then used a toothbrush them washed them off
  7. those a lancia delta wheels i used bleach on mine and they came up good jus take the rubber of first
  8. on the original mount one side is 2mill shorter on the alloy mount they are the same length??? withh 22t would the gear ratio not be to tall??
  9. Does any body know of a good make as i just spent 15 quid on one to find the holes dont match the original tamiya one????
  10. I notced a split in the rear casing of mine last night but found a new one on edrizzle for about 14. Its not all bad tho as i became the owner of a F.R.P Chassis Box & Manual this is a costly hobby to say the least ive spent at least 400 already and my cars is nowhere near ready for the street!!!
  11. is it possible to get a rear alloy gear casing?????
  12. yeah i get you im just a bit new to this and am struggling a bit
  13. so i can get a ta02 bearing set and it should fit
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