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  1. The guy has now emailed me saying he wants it again ARGH ! I see this is why people put "bidders with less than 5 feedback please dont bid "
  2. Hi guys had the standard email removing my reposted CAT XLS shelf queen advert from the for sale section. I removed it yesterday as the listing had ended on eBay and a gent from Asia had won the listing. He contacted me to ask for my email address to give me a different delivery address. He only had 2 feedback so i was suspicious and told him id only ship to a confirmed address, he then backed out of the deal and sent me £20 as an apology. Im confused about it all but put it down to experience, relisted the CAT this evening on eBay and reposted on here. The email says to do a post explaning the situation so here it is. Hope that a mod can repost my advert, it would be greatly appreciated Kind Regards Richard Drury ( Rich D )
  3. Cheers for all the replies guys. I actually ordered new wheel sets for two of my models - the new wheelsets came yellowed on the stalks ! Has anyone tried the bleaching method with any success ?
  4. Thankyou for the reply. I assumed that the PS paint wouldnt stick as the wheels are not polycarbonate ? Which would give the best finish as i have both TS and PS in white. My vintage Tamiyas will never be ran Cheers
  5. Hi guys Im currently restoring several Tamiya buggies. Some of the plastic wheel rims have gone yellow with age. Particularly my Vanquish and Sonic Fighter rims. Is it acceptable to paint the wheels with a fine mist of TS-26 to freshen them up. i didnt want to ruin them before asking thats all. I have the grey surface primer if thats needed too. Your opinions most welcomed cheers
  6. Hi James Sincere thanks for the comprehensive reply ! I have just ordered some Isopropyl Alcohol following your advice. I will take my time on the Mud Blaster and do as you say. Have you any idea of the PSI that i need to run at ? I have a gauge on my compressor and will get a pressure regulator. I have also got a Scorcher project that im on with. I dont trust myself to paint this one so its going to be done by a pro. Im just doing as much research as i can for him so as to avoid **** ups ! Im trying to emulate the finish on the superb Scorcher linked below. Clicky This Scorcher owner says that he used a "PUR Clear coat" over the top of the paint and decals - is this the same as TS13 ? Another clicky The guy who is going to paint my Scorcher for me does superb airbrushed RC shells but usually lexan ones using water based faskolor paints. I dont think hes ever done a Scorcher or used Tamiya paints before but im unsure! ?. If theres anything else worth mentioning that you can think of then please shout !
  7. Hi Folks Im shortly going to make my first attempts at using my airbrush along with Tamiya paints.( Spray paint from the can and pour into the airbrush hopper ) First up is my Mud Blaster - Ill be using the TS8 Italian Red. What do i use to clean the airbrush out afterwards guys ? Ive also got some PS16 for my Avante Mk1 - again is it water or oil based ? lastly, is it ok to just use water to clean the airbrush after using the X and XF range too ? i thought it best to ask first before i fill it with paint and then cant clean it ! Thanks as ever for assistance - appreciated Rich
  8. Some nice cars here, i too had a Sapphire 4x4 Cossie about 12 years ago and a 106 GTi Pug in 1998 This too
  9. Ha ! How did i know that you would know this Thanks for your reply Terry - much appreciated I`ll be adding them to my trades if anyone is interested in them - not looking for silly money or anything. It just seems a shame to bin them !
  10. Ive managed to get the glue off. i have no idea what black "paint" was used but it runs away with window cleaner. never mind im just going to have to start again.
  11. Got these as part of a job lot. If anyone can ID them or wants them then please shout. The rims themselves say "Simon Wheel" on them Terry ! ?
  12. Thanks again guys - i have managed to remove the glue with a combination of Auto Glym polish and Tamiya Course Polishing Compund. Any other solvents removed the paint faster than the glue ! Mr Muscle Window Cleaner/hot soapy water wouldnt touch it. Unfortunately im going to have to repaint the shell but at least the glue is off !
  13. Many thanks for all your help guys i will give these suggestions a try. I dont want to have to repaint it - its a very good paint job ! I will just blow the door in with my airbrush. Im assuming that whoever did it used the correct Tamiya paint, i have no idea what it is, ill have to email him. Cheers
  14. Much appreciated for your help again bud - all taken on board.
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