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  1. Yeah, because of the strengthening webs I took it from the front. I've since changed for a metal one and taken it from the back which has resolved my issue: Looking forward to your next update
  2. Nice work. I like the solution for the front end. I've got the DB01 arms on mine and I've gone the route of 74mm Losi CVDs to make it fit, still a work in progress though! I cut the gearbox casing on mine rather than the arms, and the next problem I have is the steering to wishbone interference, do you have this on yours?
  3. Depends on the game, I'm mainly using ones with Touring Car mods, so RACE07 and GTR2, and you can use 3DSimEd for that. I used to do Touring Car liverys for a game called Sports Car GT back in 2000/2001. For liveries I mainly use Super Touring register as they have alot of details about cars from around the world, but as your say, they mainly focus on the front and 3/4 views.
  4. @wtcc5 That is one awesome of a collection you have there. Must say I have a soft spot for the Mondeo and the Audi, Super Touring was definately my favourite era. I've managed to reverse engineer 3D models for most touringcars from games if people need them for anything (some are alot more detailed than others though) mainly been using them so I can get a good look at liveries. Here's a mondeo example:
  5. @wtcc5 That came out really well! I've been poking around in the game, and there are some really interesting paint schemes for the Primera, if only the shells were a bit easier to come by. I've been managing to find a few Carson decal sets, got the '97 STW Abt Audi set, and I've found the '97 STW AUGROS Audi set, so will be getting that aswell. Where are you finding your decal sets?
  6. Not sure if this helps, but I pulled a skin file from a touring car addon for the STW Nissan, might help with some of the placement.
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