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  1. LongRat

    Brushless ESC for vintage racing?

    Your ESC options are all ok, personally I would go for the 10BL120 from that list. Sometimes the power systems people run at vintage events are a bit OTT. I raced a couple of weekends ago and there were several vintage Schumachers running 6.5s. Needless to say they were 'slightly' faster than my 35 year old 17 turn brushed. It's a balance for the organisers in keeping the racing reasonable but not placing too many restrictions and putting people off. The iconic events have struck that balance well it seems, given the enormous popularity. That's really a credit to JW and the organisers.
  2. LongRat


    This year's Super Off Roader is there, 12th May. I'll be there racing my Wild One and Bigwig. Been there many times also for the DT-02 challenge, it is about as good as a small astro track can be really, nice club.
  3. LongRat

    Need Help with Re-Re Bigwig

    Make sure the pinion is slid onto the motor shaft the correct amount. If it isn't close enough to the motor, it can rub on the gearbox housing and cause your problem. If you were to try to run it, the gearbox would melt down.
  4. It's fine if you are running high voltage servos, you will get better servo performance than if you had a BEC due to the higher voltage. If your servos can't take full pack voltage, run a UBEC (external BEC) or simply a different ESC. A separate RX pack would be the bottom of a list of options, for me.
  5. LongRat

    Strange Servo Behaviour.

    TEU-104BK has no BEC circuitry, so the main battery voltage passes straight through to the receiver. This is almost certainly your issue. Either: Hook up a high voltage servo that accepts unregulated main battery voltage (i.e. a 7.4V LiPo compatible servo) Fit a UBEC (external BEC module) to regulate the main pack down to 6V for the receiver and servo, or Use a different ESC with a built-in BEC circuit, like pretty much every ESC out there. I can't understand why such a relatively modern ESC as the 104BK was ever released without a BEC, it's madness. A friend of mine blew a Hitec receiver because of this. I expect a lot of newcomers with combo bundles from model shops have been burnt or put off by this problem.
  6. LongRat

    Tamiya 47381 - Super Astute (2018)

    £22 each posted. As you probably know my interest is as much in the manufacturing as it is the design, I like to keep it all in-house. This means short runs on-demand usually.
  7. LongRat

    Tamiya 47381 - Super Astute (2018)

    Hopefully I'll get some time in the next couple of weeks to get some more made, I will post in the sales section when I have more.
  8. LongRat

    Tamiya 47381 - Super Astute (2018)

    Indeed. I did a run of these a few weeks ago. Sold out in an hour, so I had to do a load more. People are breaking the kit part, if the interest I had was anything to go by. I had been asked by a few people over the past few years, racers putting their Astutes into vintage events. But until the re-release there was not enough demand.
  9. LongRat

    Modified/custom grasshoppers

    I'm planning an independent rear trailing arm Grasshopper. I always thought the buggy should have this setup anyway, it is shown on the box art!
  10. Thanks Terry. I will sell all parts separately to those who require them, these sides are only compatible with this gearbox though and won't work with the kit moulded part.
  11. Gearbox for the Monster Beetle, although it should be a direct fit for all ORV cars. The design has been tested hard in my MB, through several vintage events and bashing sessions in all weathers. This eliminates the main problem with the car, the separation of the gearbox sides and destruction of the diff. With this transmission the kit diff will hold up to high powered motors without needing to be upgraded. You can also move the motor to set the pinion mesh and change ratios, viewing the mesh clearly through a polycarbonate window. What's included: - 3mm carbon fibre gearbox sides, CNC cut and engraved - CNC machined billet aluminium gear box structure - CNC machined aluminium motor mount plate - Polycarbonate end cap - All necessary additional fasteners inc. hex socket screws all round - Free shipping worldwide £120
  12. Thanks to all who messaged, these sold very quickly. Please post interest here, I may consider running some more if there is demand. Thanks.
  13. Made to beef up the transmission in the Astute and Super Astute, including the 2018 re-release. The major weak part left is the plastic shaft support part (I think it is part A1). These are CNC machined from billet, I have two available after selling out the rest of the batch. £22 each posted in the UK, or international at cost. (Original plastic part shown on the right for comparison)
  14. LongRat

    Tble02s break performance

    I'd slap a cheap 21.5 brushless in it. Slow speed but you'll have huge torque on the brakes without needing it turned down, maybe at all. Plus it will run forever and a day on a charge. The brakes on the TBLE02S are actually very powerful in BL mode.
  15. LongRat

    Hotshot rere front monoshock

    Check out my thread here for all the info: https://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?/topic/80015-full-option-ultra-hotshot/&tab=comments#comment-634012