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  1. My budget keeps it all in check for me. What I aint got I cant spend.
  2. I bought 58417, its a different shaped shell though so I cant guarantee it will fit yours but it fits under the normal subaru with plenty of room at the rear for other shells. heres a picture of mine (ive added more since the pic, its a bit more beaten up too hehe) The car is pretty good as it is for bashing, most of the hop ups I think are more for when you start racing or put faster motors in or to bling it up. Slipper clutch can prevent damage from jumping and stuff. The plastic parts flex and take more pounding than the alloy parts which are also heavier so ive read. Ive got universals in which feel tighter but still unsure of how they perform against the originals. Heat sink bars can fit onto the standard alloy motor plate. have fun building your car youll see when you first drive it that its pretty good out of the box.
  3. id say the ta02 is really destined for the shelf. the tt01 is a more practical runner.
  4. I worked in a returns department for 4 years for a big IT company and you soon learn not to be surprised about what couriers can do. Servers pancaked flat dropped from some high racking, tonnes of server racks would come back all bent up. loads of Pallets stacked with 12 monitors each left outside in the rain for weeks. half eaten lunch inside servers. rude pictures drawn on the box... how do they face the customer with a delivery like that haha. every day was interesting. car keys. loads of rubbish like the boxes are a dustbin, tucked in through the celotape. banana skins stuff like that. bombay mix everywhere. lorry drivers who gorge a chunk out of the side of their load lol. Its just a shame that it happens to rare and one off items, imagine how many antiques and stuff people have bought on ebay that have been trashed in the post. Good luck with the claim. Rich
  5. You could get some different gearing to play with, theres also front or center one way diffs (aparantly only good for racing but still fun to play with off the track), universal driveshafts, ive yet to test out new shock absorbers or springs. there is lightened gear shafts out there. i got the lightened battery stopped pin, nice and shiney havent weighed it though. turnbuckle tie rods for easy adjustment. the kit steering rack comes with plastic bushings which can be replaced with a nice aluminum one with bearings in it. led light unit and leds? theres more too im still adding bits as i can afford them. have fun mate its a great car.
  6. When I first came to TC and asked for help I was completely in the deep end I didnt know what an ESC was or anything (still dont lol thats not the point). I got tonnes of great help off of the guys here and a great welcome to the hobby. Im still here and I love it. I hope I said enough thanks but truly, my best way of saying thanks is hanging around and passing that knowledge on to someone else and helping to build on the community. Its not so hard to repeat the same lesson once or twice but to repeat it many many times is going to be very hard for the veterens. I hope that there is times when I can pass on what everyone else has helped me with. What I mean is, your efforts do also go a long way with people who do appreciate.
  7. I thought it wouldnt be because it would extend it at the rear... let us know about the dust cover because im hoping to get an interior. I take it youre using it as a runner, good man its what the df03ra is meant for
  8. probably isnt but did you put the arms on for the shorter wheelbase? theres ones for 257 and 251mm?
  9. Youll need front and rear suspension arms, tie rods, C hubs, uprights and drive shafts. front and rear shock towers, body posts, front bumper (maybe), spur gear cover, touring car sized dampers and probably a different spur and pinion as itll be more toward on road. Ive never tried so im not exactly sure thats just going by what ive seen, I think there is others here that have done it they may be able to help more. heres the manual for #58417 DF03RA http://www.tamiyausa.com/pdf/manuals/58417ml.pdf Should have some part numbers listed in there and you can maybe do a comparison to your car to check parts out. Hope it helps a bit.
  10. I guess there is a mixed view on this, I know I read before that some people prefer to do a cut themselves because machines can never get it quite as good as the human eye, when my current shell turned up from ABC with no cut decals I was kinda happy as im going to give it a go at getting the perfect cut. but I would have been just as happy to find it pre cut too.
  11. bovril is the best. it fed napoleons army its made from beef and we all know beef > yeast > vegetables.
  12. good plan so if anything goes wrong on your one you can say it happened on his! only kidding Rich
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