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  1. Thanks chaps. Current projects prohibit that kind of moolah. I'll stick with the twin axle and work up to a 3 axle next big purchase. Thanks for the work tim.senecal that was above and beyond and I really appreciate it! Happy Tamiya Easter everyone!!
  2. Duplicate post. That'll teach me to do it on my phone ..
  3. Hi all. Some years ago I bought the Mercedes 1851 gigaspace and have gotten some time now to build. However...I'm lamenting I didn't get the 3363 3 axle version. Does anyone know what extras are needed to convert? Or if it's even really worth it. Other than looks what does it offer? Cheers
  4. Hi All. I stripped my Jug 2 for restoration and "lost" (i suspect someone with small hands was playing with my box of bits) one of the leaf spring U bolt platforms , part E1 (see picture). I just need the one if anyone has one spare. I am located in Germany just FYI.
  5. For various reasons i missed out on the wheeler when it was "re"-released a while back and already see these kits with asking prices close to a grand (either side). Surely Tamiya will start them rolling again at some point in the near future? I hope Tamiya dont start a business practice like Nintendo (plan to sell 1M so make 950,000 units) .
  6. It's a long shot... But does anyone know a body supplier that has a lightning in the range (ideally a Tamiya clone) as this will have to do unless Tamiya San is planning a re-release soon?!
  7. Thanks but what i meant was a list for each model. So it would read... "Model": 4 x 1150 8 x 1050 E.T.C and there was a page for each chassis/model. Ignore my insane jibberings...I see the link you have supplied and can do the legwork. Its just a shame i think the site i found is either lost or been forcefully pulled. I have a feeling it was another Tamiya forum site or maybe even vintage-RC- Thanks by the way!
  8. Hi All. Once upon a time i came across a list of Tamiya models (not unlike the model list here) and each model/chassis had a list of the bearings used in that model. Anyone know where that was/is or where i can find similar as i like to source my bearings locally (basically suppliers at work get me what i want for a few quid as work buy thousands of big bearings from them. I have just bought a JTCC Chavalier on the FF03 chassis and want to know what i need. Cheers. Rich
  9. As the title says. I want a vintage frog for restoration. Anything 50%+ complete considered. Also I am looking for an F-150 lightning body. Unpainted
  10. Hi all. I have an unused m05 chassis (racing mini Cooper Version) that I want to rally/tarmac. The car in mind is RWD and I'd like to convert it if possible. Is there a way? Is it worth it? I could at a push leave it FWD if its a ballache. Thanks chaps.
  11. Great!: Thats what i was planning to do ( I stock up on Halfords paints when i go back across the channel). Thanks for that!
  12. I am restoring a vintage wild one at the moment and have a plan for a colour scheme that whilst not clashing with the red cage wouldnt look the best. I was wondering how some people have painted them in a robust manner that they survive some light use. My restos tend to end up ans fully functioning shelfers. Other question (Is open ended and i suspect a can of worms) should i paint them or not? Its not the rarest of vehicles and with the re-re these cage parts are fairly commonplace now.
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