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  1. Hi, I've just fitted a 17 turn Venom Fireball into my Gravel Hound and put the 70T spur and 19T pinion back in (was running 67T & 20T with a 23 turn Peak Racing Griffin) but the performance is pretty dreadful now. I definitely need to gear down but I'm not sure how low to go with the pinion to find the motor's "sweet spot", can anyone offer any advice please? I'd better mention that I'm running Proline Dirt Hawg tyres which will undoubtedly increase the rolling circumference from the standard Tamiya spikes.
  2. Hi, I've just read Tamiya Monkey's post "which battery connecter is best" as I'm also looking for battery connecters, has anyone had any experience of these? Venom Power Plug @ CML They're slightly more expensive than the Deans but look much better.....................
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