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  1. Who makes this body? Would love to acquire one for my son.
  2. I did 2 rear LED's on my LB, I'll try and get some lit pics when I get a chance.
  3. kingofrimz

    Wheels And Tires

    I have a few extra sets of wheels. 1. Clodbuster Chrome wheels $25 plus shipping 2. BF Extreme stock yellow wheels $10 plus shipping 3. Lunchbox stock yellow wheels $10 plus shipping 4. BF Extreme Tires $15 plus shipping 1. 2. 3. 4. will ship worldwide. Paypal accepted.
  4. I need to get 2 trees for my Clodbuster chrome plated, please no spray can
  5. Custom is the way to go, in my case
  6. kingofrimz

    Wanted; Someone Who Does Plastic Chrome Plating

    your inbox is full
  7. kingofrimz

    Blackfoot Poll

    I like the King Blackfoots body, but would have to choose the blackfoot/monsterbeetle suspension any day...
  8. kingofrimz

    Southern California Area?

    was doing some searching, and it looks like it's been a while since anybody from the So. Cal area has met up. would you guys be willing to do a meet somewhere? all interested parties let's hear it...
  9. for the wheels , they are 2.2, and make sure there is ball bearings in that diff.
  10. Ok so I wanted to start a thread and document my build. Hope you guys like what you see so far. 1. Tamiya Lunchbox Re-release kit 2. Airtronics Radio 3. Chrome wheels from the Midnight Pumpkin 4. LI-PO 2 cell battery pack 5. Epic 16 turn Motor 6. Novak E.S.C.
  11. No problem, glad I can be of help.
  12. bushings out.... bearings in.... assembled bushings and brass bushings left over...
  13. It's simple, took me about 10 minutes from start to finish.... here's a few pics...... with bushings still installed.... bearings....
  14. kingofrimz

    Southern California Area?

    SOOOOO.........did we decide on anything yet????
  15. kingofrimz

    Kustom Painted Caprice 1/10 Body

    I am asking $60 dollars plus shipping. willing to ship worldwide. paypal and money order accepted.
  16. kingofrimz

    2.2 Size Rims/wheels

    I have these, with tires give me $30 shipped to you
  17. kingofrimz

    My Lunchbox Build

    looks like the plastic exhaust tips that come on the body originally.
  18. kingofrimz

    What Esc?

    I am gonna run a Novak Super Duty XR on my Clod. It has a dual battery capacity.