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  1. **** looks like no extras on tower for sale.
  2. Been collecting for past 20 5+ years since I was 15 ish. I was lucky my dad was into Tamiya stuff and would buy me cars here and there. I been collecting nibs thinking I would build with my future son but I have 2 daughters so I guess I'll be building 10 scales my self and giving my daughter's the mini 4wds if they are interested.
  3. I am lucky I live in southern California with quit a bit of shops around me. Pacific coast hobbies, Tonys hobbies, brookhurst hobbies, Burbank's house of hobbies, dxn provisions, some other smaller drift shops around.
  4. which roof rack is that one?
  5. My local hobby shop just got 3 in. I am tempted to go in but they want $359 for them.
  6. Youtube video descriptions has the guys email. I ordered 2 from him around 100USD shipped for 2 units.
  7. I saw this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7l4yRm01Mus looks interesting, someone had made a conversion kit to make it into a oil filled gear diff. i sent email asking for price.
  8. yea ordered both same time. looks like they may have ran out. my came in last night and tamiya box was all dented up.
  9. yay cant wait for this. my evo 5 body is destroyed need another
  10. nope just one shipped. says other one is backorder. I am guessing they are only shipping 1 per customer. I checked tamiyausa website and its listed as discontinued now.
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