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  1. tpsolid

    NEW Porsche 911GT2 Club Sport TA02SW

    this wing: with this mount:
  2. tpsolid

    NEW Porsche 911GT2 Club Sport TA02SW

    Yea I should have done that. I used TS for the plastic. Now I need to strip it and redo with PS. The color is actually the pearl white.
  3. tpsolid

    NEW Porsche 911GT2 Club Sport TA02SW

    need to repain the rear piece. colors dont match up. and add panel lines.
  4. tpsolid

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    thanks! They were around $20usd for the set. My buddy works at a machine shop and I just paid the laser guy to cut these.
  5. tpsolid

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    finally got my uprights from the machine shop. holes dont line up to the body thou about 1 mm too close to each other
  6. tpsolid

    how many do you have

    original bruiser superchamp original hotshot rough rider brat fast attack rc10 6001 ff03 ff01 ta02 cc01 hilift ta02 rally 414m2 ta04 r tuned ta03 david jun ta03 pro rs4 pro lunchbox mad fighter stadium blitzer king hauler few more
  7. just got my 2 from towerhobbies
  8. I am in the US here and just saw towerhobbies got some in stock. I ordered 2. I think my dad would probably want one.
  9. tpsolid

    E30 M3

    no its not vintage kit from 90s its from 2006 ish
  10. tpsolid

    What's made in Japan and What in the Philippines

    I had a few Taiwan made supershots and FOXs. Quality on them are terrible. I built about 3 of them and all 3 had binding issues with the drive train , shocks dont work, etc etc. My dad bought a bunch of these back in 1990s. I still have one built FOX left. supershots are all sold or thrown away hah.
  11. tpsolid

    very cool FAV on youtube

    what are the 2 holes for on the rollcage on the back? was it for the ceramic resistor?
  12. tpsolid

    Info about FF03 differentials

    with gear diff u are able to add thicker oil to make it act like a super limited slip diff.
  13. tpsolid

    What you getting for Christmas?!

    Either wild one, Vajra or the FF03R+FF03 chassis upgrade kit. leaning more toward Vajra
  14. tpsolid

    Wild One Re-Release. #58525

    i been wanting one but keep putting it off! I do have FAV already thou.. maybe everyone have fav