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    I have a Tamiya 1:10 FF01 Golf VR6, which I bought new in 1995. After a long retirement to the loft, 2009 saw it come out of retirement. I just use it for bashing, no racing or anything. I just enjoy changing parts and driving it.<br /><br />Update: I have now built a Keen Hawk DF03 that will be getting a 10T brushless shortly. Can't decide what colour to paint it.<br /><br />In addition to RC cars, my main interests are driving, I have a Focus ST, watching motorsport and riding my motorbike. I travel to the Le Mans 24 hours every year. I spend and unhealthy amount of time on www.pistonheads.com
  1. Here is a link to my auction for my old (Vintage?) Riko 12v/Mains Fast and Slow charger. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...=STRK:MESELX:IT
  2. I have Proline Dirt Hawgs on my DF03. They are very grippy, in fact it now rolls over instead of sliding on tarmac, which is not what I wanted. This might be related to the foam inserts though which don't seem to fully fill the tyre. I think they are great on gravel and stoney terrain though.
  3. Mulsanne


    I don't know anything about model boats, but someone recommended these for good starter kits on another Forum I visit. They do a Torpedo boat. http://www.angliamc.fsnet.co.uk/index.htm
  4. I've got a buggy turbo too somewhere, but the body isn't the same as that one, looks more like a Frog but black. The turbo meant it had two forward speeds on the transmitter.
  5. I too got into Tamiya through looking in Beatties shop window in the late 80s my previous experience of RC was Tandy. I was already into building Tamiya static model motorcycles. Then my best pal got a Michelin Pilot Escort Cosworth when they were released. I had to have a Tamiya RC then. Couldn't afford the Cosworth so bought an FF01 Golf Vr6 that I still use to this day.
  6. Your right, the DF03 is way too long, but I have the beginnings of an idea that should make it look ok if I decide to do it. Basically involves re shaping the wheel arches. Incidentally the body is almost precisely the right length to fit snugly over the front and rear shock towers. I do know what you mean, and that's why I haven't gone further than unscrewing the shell for a look inside so far. I just can't see the point in having it gathering dust for another 20 years. The thing is, it's not in great condition, the front bull bar is wrecked, the body is scuffed and the stickers are peeling off. If I don't make use of it I'd rather sell it to fund some bits for FF01, but I can't see it having anything like the value to be worth doing that. Anyone want to swap me for an BTCC Volvo 850 shell
  7. If you want on-road looks but more rugged, what about a DF03RA? They are based on a buggy chassis but take touring car body. Best of both worlds and loads of hop ups to make it faster.
  8. Whatever happens, the duck catcher will be staying! Took the body off and have been sizing it up on my DF-03 and FF01 chassis. FF01 would just be wrong and I reckon it could make a stadium truck on the Df03. Will require qute a bit of hacking about to fit nicely though.
  9. I have had this since it was brand new in the 80s, and recently rediscovered it at my parents house. I can remember getting it from Tandy as a small child. It's far from mint, but would I be committing a heinous crime if I took it to bits and maybe used the body for a Tamiya based project? I can't decide if transforming it into something I'd actually want to drive is better than just putting it in the loft for sentimental value.
  10. Thanks to terry.sc identifying the probem, I have spent the day trying to relocate the antenna so it doesn't pass through the high point on the body. Here is the problem... The solution I've come up with doesn't require any drilling in either the body or the chassis and requires just a short ball joint connector and a washer. The new mount screws onto one of the heatsink bars, if you have that option. What you need is an old ball joint connector and a small washer. Both bits I had left over from previous builds. You need to carefully drill out the thread in the connector so that it's an interference fit with the antenna pipe, and the drill a small hole in from the side to feed the antenna wire through like this... Then you need to shave off the back of the connector so that it wll sit flat against the motor plate.... You then need to srew it to one of the heatsink bars, I chose the lower one as this means I don't have to trim the body. If you want to mount antenna more up upright, and don't mind cutting the body it would be easier to screw it one of the top heatsink bars... Then you can thread the antenna wire, and fit the tube... Job done...
  11. Spot on! Now I think about it I can see what you mean, it lands directly on the point where the antenna leaves the body. So if I can remount either to the side or even a bit further back I should be ok. Thanks a lot.
  12. I tried ptting the antenna inside the chassis but I got a lot of interferance. It's probably because the receiver is butted up to the speed controller. I'll see if I can run the antenna wire neatly down the opposite side from all the other electronics.
  13. I'm really rubbish at driving, so my DF03 end up on it's back quite a lot. A result of this is that I snap loads of antenna tubes. The stock Tamiya ones don't snap, but they permanently kink. I tried some coloured Ansmann ones but they break in two. The obvious answer would be to get better at driving, I'm trying. In the mean time what are the most flexible, snap resitant antenna tubes?
  14. Xbase that is 12V only has discharge, the one that can yun off 12V and mains doesn't for some reason.
  15. I would suspect the Ebay batteries myself. I've never used them but heard some bad things on here about the cheap ones. They may be "false peaking" if that's the right term. You could try charging them at a really low current, although if it works they'll take ages. Maybe you could try them on someone elses charger?... There might be someone else on here who knows a bit more about the technical side of batteries who can help more. If your convinced the batteries are OK there's always the chance the charger is faulty. I've been really impressed with my Xbase, and not had any problems with it.
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