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  1. SOLD FOR $350... Was the only cash offer I got, so I took it
  2. Ok thanks for the info, You obviously know more about it than I do haha. I didnt find many to go off of on ebay so I figured Id see what I can get taking offers.
  3. Really? Noone? Guess its going on ebay..
  4. Do not have original box and manual. As far as I can tell, it is missing: On Chassis: rear bumper, one plastic hub cap. On body: rear lights, steering wheel, figure, front windsheild frame, wing, and stickers The drivetrain works, I had put radio gear in it and was running it a few years ago, until I realised how much it was worth and didnt want to break it. It has sat on a shelf for most of its life. It was bought in 1982 in hongkong by my dad and was built and painted by him. He never installed the wing or decals because he was making a model copy of his own Blazer with the met brown paint and vinal stripes. Other than a few surface paint scratches, the body is great, no cracks. The tires are weathered and do have some cracking in them, but still seem sturdy and not ready to come apart. EDIT: Continuing research and the advice from others tell me the price was a bit out of the ball park, Lowered price to $800 cnd, under $650 usd... taking offers. dieselphil_25@hotmail.com
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