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  1. ah thats superb... thanks again mark, just wanting to ensure i have all the bits and pieces before i start to build rtaher than build and find out i would be better wi something like this
  2. lunchbox on an rs sport tuned motor... wat size pinion should i run? and are steel pinions always best?
  3. ordered an imax b6 which ahs a balancer, might sell the ansman now see if i can recoup a few quid
  4. thanks for the info.... ****** i have barely used the charger from i bought it, can really do without the extra expense any external balancers recommended?
  5. took head staggers, ordered new radio gear, bearings, x2 intellect 7.4v 4000 20c lipo's, paint and an rs 540 sports motor... cant wait tog et stuck in
  6. Ansmann Racing xBase DELUXE Charger thats the one i'm using, yeah i think i'll buy 2 packs anyhows as I would like to be able to charge one as one is in use just wanna make sure gettin summat reasonable cos the last ebay nimh packs i bought were rubbish!!
  7. so just as long as theyre 7.2v then?
  8. what spec batt should i be looking for? 7.2 v 4000? friend went fo some import intellect lipo's and thought they were good for the ££
  9. got ymself a re re lunchbox and has the standard tamiya kit electronic speed controller, hoping to uprate it to RS 540 sports tuned, can someone please recommend me reasonable battery's that will charge off ansmann delux charger?
  10. Got a re re lunchbox for xmas, gonna relive my youth Looking to get a bearing set for it Tamiya Ballrace Set Lunch Box then new radio gear, wats this acoms set like? cheap and cheerful? do the job? AP202-27 - Acoms Techniplus 27AM motor 53068 - Tamiya RS-540 Sport Tuned are these parts okay or are there better available for the money?
  11. Okies, i'm completely outta touch with radio control cars etc since about mid 90's... i tried to get started last yr again and rebuilt my ta01 and an old m02 i have... i used the m02 for a while with mtronics eco27 esc and enjoyed it but the battery's were my downfall, i bought cheapy ones i know ****** all about LIPO but i'm thinking is this what i should be going for? Basically i'd like to run the m02 with silver can or sports tuned and my ta01 on an ezrun setup... hoping someone buys me a new re re lunchbox kit for xmas too!!! also will the mtronics eco27 esc run a sports tuned? or whats advisable for a little more power?
  12. well then they were rpetty much discharged then as the car jus died havent had a chance to use it again since wi work etc, i'll try in a day or so
  13. dont think it hasa discharge funciton i';ll run em down as best i can and fire them on a vewry slow charge thanks for the help!! if anyone knows of discharge function on it can they explain?
  14. i dont know anyone else locally thats into rc cars that cud even help me wi it... i suspect cheap batteries tbh the ansmann does seem like a great piece of kit might just have to buy some decent batts specially before i go for a ezrun setup tis good avin the m02 runnin again tho i always had fun wi it in standard form!! bearing set and esc has made a good difference
  15. brand new... altho they are ebay items, even stil thought they would have lasted a little longer on a silver can
  16. chargin deffo doesnt seem to take that long and likewise the batt life isnt great... few mins at best? anythin i shud be doing?
  17. i jus used deans recently, at first they were deadly to solder i thought but i've got the knack of it now i think
  18. hmmm seems fine now... didnt seem to charge earlier but goin full rip now
  19. thanks for the help guys.... mulsane i did that but it only took like 10-15 mins?
  20. Sorry for another thread but anyone got one of these chargers? In my day it was a long charge or a 30 mins pop it on and set it to half hour sorta charge... jus plugged in the ansman and its giving me options... wat does one do? the batt pack is a 6 cell 7.2v 3800mah Ni-MH wat settings do i enter?
  21. cheers guys... i'll give it a go ere, my new solderin irons gettin well tested lol...
  22. OKies, just built up my m02L chassis and fired in standard can motor and an mtronics eco27 esc... all connectors have been replaced wi upgraded ones, but just fired it up and esc seems noisy (is that normal) also when i press to go forward its going in reverse? when i reverse the channel switch on the controller it does go forward but wi no where near the same power as what it was doing in reverse? what have i made a mess of? also a set button on the esc? wats this do?
  23. thats excellent, many thanks for the help!! very much appreciated, might actually make a start on a rebuild this afternoon think one of the gears has seen better days from one of the kits
  24. got an m tronik esc there and the bearing kit arrived, the kit has been stripped and cleaned so gonna see about starting to build it all abck up again... gonna jus run silver can for now but might fire in a sport tuned motor if i see one goin reasonable at some point... Will the standard oil dampers from my ta01 spares fit/work with the m02? Origineelreclamebord; wats the stabiliser kit you were talking about, is there a part number or anything or whats involved? Thanks Mark
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