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  1. If I could find an LHS that gave the range, price, availability and service of an online one I'd go there. Unfortunately even forgetting 2 and 3, 1 and 4 are normally the things that put me off LHS's.
  2. Is that an Egress in your avatar Wez? That'll be an rc buggy based on a Baja style dune racer then. A car and race formula built around the Beetle chassis? Just sayin'. Fair enough you might not like the bulbous looks of the beetle - it's not to everyones taste, but to say it's a "really awful car" is a bit daft when most of the cars that we all build and love can trace their lineage back to that one car. What do you think is particularly awful about it, other than how it looks?
  3. Actually, that's a 928. You can tell by the flat folded head lamps. Not that I'm a Porsche geek or anything.
  4. I'd forgotten about that one too! I often think that the reason it's called the "Zahhak" is because the designers came to Mr Tamiya struggling for a name for it. Unfortunately he was eating sushi at the time. When he saw the picture and asked "What should we call this sir?". "Zahhak" was the noise that was made when a bit of semi chewed fish got caught in his throat. They thought he was giving it a new name, when in actual fact he nearly choked in disgust. Even more unfortunately, the factory had made 25,000 by the time he'd finished his lunch, so he couldn't do much more about it. True story!
  5. +1 I thought I was the only one that thought there's something seriously not right with it. On paper it should be the coolest thing ever made and that the space time continuum bends ever so slightly to accommodate its coolness whenever one is built.. a VW Camper van on a Lunchbox chassis. Awesome! Right? Er no. There's something just not right about it and I can't put my finger on exactly what it is.
  6. Not only one of the prettiest Tamiya models ever made, but because of the genre of vehicles it represents, it's also the one that opens the most opportunities for customisation! I'm tempted to buy one if I'm honest. Metallic candy blue with stylised flames coming off the front, a set of wide 5 spoke chrome effect wheels. Fantastic! If you want ugly, buy an Avante, or any of the other roller-skate buggies of the 90s. As for Clod vs Bullhead.. I don't the Bullhead is ugly, I just don't think a lorry cab shell looks right on a SWB monster truck chassis. If it had its own longer wheel base three axle chassis, then it would look much better (at least imho) *Edit* Didn't realise this was an old ltd edition kit, thought it was a new one! Quick search around ebay reveals that with the price that people are asking for it, I probably won't be buying one any time soon . However, I'd imagine it could be the inspiration for an up coming project - once I've finished the other half dozen that I've got underway at the moment
  7. Have to say I share your disappointment with Pactra, especially the metallics. One thing I will say though, is making sure the first couple of coats are really light and make sure they dry before building more on. The stuff takes an age to dry and seems to resist sticking to the plastic. I had a couple of goes with it and this was the only way I could get a decent and reliable finish.
  8. Read an article about WRC a week or so ago, and apparently the lull is down to a huge balls up with the licensing and ownership or something. Meant that much less money and TV deals were involved meaning all the major players like Mitsubishi, Subaru, Toyota and the like have pulled their works teams out of the sport. I think those problems have now been sorted out and there's a really big enthusiasm in the sport to get it on our screens again. VW are believed to be putting a works Polo in next years WRC, so hopefully the new owners will get the ball rolling and we can enjoy the likes of Hannu Mikkola, Stig Blomqvist and Juha Kankonen tearing around the forests and scrublands of the world like we did in the hay days of the 80s and 90s.
  9. Without wanting to read too much into an upcoming release, I think this COULD be very promising news when you bear in mind that there were rumours the re-re trends would end with a really big one. We've just had the Bruiser, and now we're getting news of what looks like an entirely new chassis. Could the big T finally be back on their game and this be the beginning of a load of genuinely new stuff rather than re hashed rubbish? (Yes I know that's a bit harsh, but I'm sure you can sympathise)
  10. Micro ATX. Socket 478. Foxconn 661Mx Plus Sis 661Gx+964L Socket478 Info / Drivers here: http://www.foxconnchannel.com/ProductDetai...;Language=en-us
  11. Fantastic guide mr_crispy; might give this a go myself as I seem to have a surplus of TL01 bits and pieces lying around. Just one question. Where do you put the battery?
  12. Ridiculous price? I think the watchword in the OP was "cheap". Yes the re-re bruiser is awesome, and a welcome addition to the re-re line up, but it's a wee bit expensive for what it is, if you ask me! The SCX10 is a little more expensive than the CC01, but I think by the time you've spent money correcting the CC01s deficiencies as a crawler (locking diffs, fixing the poor turning radius etc) the Axial wins from this point of view as well. The CC01 was never intended as a scale crawler, whereas the SCX10 was designed as one from the outset. For the record, I'm not knocking the CC01; I want one myself (even though I have 3 Axial based scaler crawlers - 2 2.2s and a 1.9) I just know a fair few people who've had CC01s, changed them for SCX10s and wondered why they hadn't made the change sooner.
  13. c) None of the above. Axial SCX10. Scale looks and in fact often the basis for many a really impressive scale vehicle. It'll stomp all over either of Tamiyas offerings out of the box too.
  14. Whether you like the paint job or not, I think this isn't "style" or "design" but an "Act of Desperation". Rather than restyling (redesigning - whatever your poison) the Hornet, they've just gone for something that will cause as much shock factor as they can. It's almost as if the marketing department of Tamiya is now run by Jodie Marsh. Personally I have no truck with the "no publicity is bad publicity" angle. Most people will hate this thing, some will love it. The people that hate it will talk about it, but won't buy it, so what purpose does it serve?
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