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  1. Sorry to everyone for not updateing my build on here, but I have been dealing with solicitors and the courts over access rights to my son and I have just been diagnosed with "Aspergers Syndrome" so unfortunately I have had little or no time to get anything done Will post some pictures tonight as I would like some advice on how to mount the gear box in the chop down chassis Then its just a simple case of connecting it to the Lunchbox / Pumpkin and applying power I think the next time I get a idea like this i may just file it under insane ideas
  2. Everyone Sorry i have neglected to update this build but have had a lot of stuff to do at work and a new kitten who loves knicking bits of rc cars and dropping them all over the house (esc + barefeet = pain). I have cut the tank chassis in half and i am getting ready to fill the gap in with milliput (on way from ebay) I will put some pictures up over the weekend of the cut chassis and if possible loosely put it together so you can all get and idea. I did not expect to have so many people interested in this build. Thanks to everyone for your ideas and comments
  3. The pumpkin shell was part of a trade from my mate "crazyhare" it was a full chrome pumpkin that had seen better days and after a disastrous oven cleaner stripping episode it was as lumpy as a lumpy thing Thank god for plastikote spray paint as it covers a multitude of sins I am trying to think what gearbox to put in the tank chassis Any one got any ideas ?
  4. I have managed to get some pictures up. Tank chassis, i have already removed two of the wheels before i chop the chassis may remove a third depending on the size Planned lines of chop also i think i will have to cut bits out of the inside to make room Original tank gears whick i am going to take apart as its built round a cheap toy motor The Yellow Pumpkin shell These are the tracks that were on the tank (pumpkin wheel for scale) which i am going to have to chop to fix shortened chassis I was going to use the pumpkin back axle and gearbox but its rather large so will have to have a look about in my spares tub and see what i have in there which i can use. Asking you guys what the better choice is for sticking the chassis back together after i have cleft it in twain
  5. Will be getting on with it maybe a weird looking thing but its only a trial project if I like it I will spend some cash on it and make a really nice one Hopefully have mate coming over next week to help me with a few things on the build
  6. Will upload a photo when I get a chance. Have had a quick look at the chassis and I maybe able to get away with shortening it but will have to make sure it doesn't cause too much damage to the wheel parts
  7. Nice semi (that comment is going to come back and haunt me) I think I need a ebay filter that stops me going online after beer and doesn't allow my good friend "Jack Daniels" to place any bids I just received the Heng Long Tank and realised that its as big as the Pumpkin body I was going to mix with it Ah well it only cost me £10 and the fault seems to be a disconnected wire So I have a few choices 1) Repair and re-ebay the tank 2) Repair and build a full track Pumpkin 3) See what's in my spares box and build something daft Will have to have a look
  8. Heng Long M1 Abrams 1/24 Tank from Ebay so I can get on with my halftrack project
  9. Yep Ansmann are the way to go I used them on my Lunchbox build and they perform happily Some people don't like them and some do, but if your happy with them go for it
  10. Well I have finally got a tank of Ebay for £10 its a M1 Abram's 24:1 (not working but sounds like battery charger gone) so I will wait for that to arrive and then the fun can start Will post pictures as it goes on Thank commiedoor its slowly getting sorted as my ex being silly and ignoring all letters, but it helps that my current other half works in legal and licensing and the lawyer is a excellent person
  11. commiedoor ha ha ha spat water over my works pc
  12. At the moment its stuck in limbo, the front section is built and i have either a Pumpkin body or a landrover body to put on it. Until i get my access with my son sorted out it will have to wait (solicitor eats my cash) "i got a bit bogged down on my semi"very funny comment there mate
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