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  1. Thanks for the heads-up @ThunderDragonCy. I bought the job lot. Expensive way to get 2 small bits of plastic but I guess I can always relist the parts I don't need.
  2. Hiya, I’m in the UK, near Oxford. If you’re able to help please drop me a PM and name your price. DN01 spares and hopups seem pretty hard to get hold of by the looks of things.
  3. I seem to be missing parts L4 and L5 from a Zahhak kit I’m putting together. I don’t remember taking them off the sprue yet they’re not there - maybe a quality control issue at the factory? Very annoying! I don’t need the whole L parts sprue, just these 2 parts but will buy the whole thing if necessary. I can give an unpainted rear wing body part in exchange (2 came in the box!) or some cash. Here’s hoping...
  4. Would you consider a DF03-RA? I’m selling one here: https://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?/topic/93030-58459-df-03ra-datsun-240z-kit-assembled-except-for-body-parts-unused-uk-will-post/
  5. Hi all, I bought this 8 years ago but only recently found the time to build it (thanks Coronavirus!). It’s newly assembled but only used for about a minute, just to check it worked and see how it handles. If I’m honest, the fun for me is in the building of these kits so I’m looking to move this on and buy a new one to put together. I haven’t done anything with the body shell or associated parts and stickers. These are all included as is the original box, all instructions and unused parts. No ESC, receiver or servo is included. The kit was built using full ball bearings throughout. I’m asking £160 inc UK postage which is quite reasonable given that this is now hard to get hold of. You could easily sell the body parts and recoup a lot of the outlay if you want to fit a different shell. Payment via PayPal gift preferred. Cheers, Paul
  6. Some good advice from Origineelreclamebord above. Here's my opinion - DT-02 is a great car! I've been bashing my Desert Gator constantly over the past couple of months and it never ceases to amaze me just how tough it is! Nothing has ever broken on it despite many high speed crashes into concrete and failed jumps. If you get one you should invest in some spiked tyres for the front to stop it understeering. Other worthwhile mods are the ball bearing diff set, a high-torque servo saver and uprated shocks. I see from your original post that you want to run brushless. Well beware that you only have 2 pinion choices 17T or 19T so can't fit too fast a motor. I run a 19 turn motor in mine with the 17T pinion and I think it's about right (for me at least). My Lipo battery helps to give it a good turn of speed too. Get one - you won't be disappointed! Paul
  7. Try posting a 'wanted' advert on the main Tamiyaclub site.
  8. Hey folks I found a shop selling kit 57101 which I believe is a 1:12 Tamtech GB-01 chassis. I've never come across anything on this scale so was wondering whether I can use my regular stick pack batteries? Also, do these cars need a smaller servos and receivers? Are the motors a '540' type? Can someone explain Tamtech in a nutshell for me please! Thanks, Paul
  9. Thanks for all the options guys. If only I'd checked back here before clicking 'buy' on Tamiya part 51006 then I could have done away with the horrible TT-01 plastic axles. Anyhow, I've made my purchase so all I need now is some wider hexes - anyone know where I can buy those?
  10. As per the title really. I'm looking for some longer wheel axles for a TT-01, to be used with the bigger hexes. Paypal waiting... Name your price... Cheers Paul
  11. Hi David The DF-03RA shares the same underpinnings as some of the recent 4WD buggies so is pretty capable off road. Reading your post above I think it could be what you are looking for. For info, the TT-01 is a road going chassis and is really only suitable for smooth (or close to smooth) surfaces like tarmac. There is an official Tamiya video on Youtube which should show you all you need to know about the DF-03RA: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_v_0EO8wOwo Whatever you buy I'm sure you will love it! I too have got back into the hobby after many years and am enjoying every minute of it. Jump back in and enjoy the water! Cheers Paul
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