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  1. I haven't posted anything in a while, I just recently purchased a Klein Tools mm200 multimeter for my RC tool kit. I am very happy with it, about a quarter of the price of a Fluke. I was wondering what multimeters you guys use?
  2. Very happy it looks like the original, I was half expecting it to be a Blackfoot 3 chassis. I am going to purchase at least three of these kits. I really love the box art with the MB...
  3. I could be wrong but I just noticed now that the Tamiya range seems to be increasing in number. They didn't have the Lunchbox or Hornet on their site last week, but listed today....
  4. Yes the 12v automotive lightbulb works for me, just solder some connections onto it and done. After a full day the battery is fully drained. Then strip and cross the wires, no reaction what so ever! Saltwater method does still leave some charge i have noticed to start a fire.
  5. A bit dissapointed that they have let go Tamiya RC kits. I hope it is just temporary. Their kit prices were very good all be minus the ESC. I guess my business will go back to Stellamodels or RCmart....
  6. To revive an older thread. WillyChang! Masters store now sells Liftoff #4. In spray bottle or 4 litres large container.
  7. Big Fan of this thread. I remember this car well from the 70's.
  8. I have a genuine Imax b6ac which plugs into the mains power 240v (aust/uk) I have been using for the last 6 months. Cost about $40 plus shipping. Works well using lipo and Nimh. I have just ordered the new Turnigy Accucel 6 80w 10A. Looking foward to trying it out. I completely drain my damaged/puffed lipos with a 12v automotive light bulb first and then leave in a bucket of salt water. Then twist the wires together and discard. Salt water alone for me has never completely discharged the battery.
  9. The last genuine Deans i purchased cost me $4 a pair (with heat shrink pieces) and came in their own deans packaging in little plastic bag with Deans written on it. Hard to pull apart at first but then become easy after a few tries. No ribs.
  10. Almost 4 months on since this release a few things i have noticed about this kit. 1. Must be a seriously limited release. 2. My local hobby shop had indicated that it was going to be a stock item since early december, today mid January still nothing on the shelves. The shop manager rekons they probably have missed the boat on this one now. 3. Prices on Ebay range now from $350 to $700 for a kit. 4. Complete spare parts really don't appear to exist. Lucky for a few. The kit i purchased late September from Stella remains unopened. Looks to remain that way. I am using my vintage Superchamp as a runnabout, even prior to this re-release. I am happy the kit has gained a bit of value! I did want to run the snot out of a rere with parts support, not the case.
  11. I have used the above Turnigy 5000mah Nimh since August 2014. Maybe done 20 or so cycles. No complaints so far. Great for the price. Similiar mah battery at my LHS is $70 or more. Turnigy about $30 including postage. Sports tuned i have been getting 40min to 1hour, depending on the terrain. I also have a few of the other types 2000mah and 4200mah also. Good Quality!
  12. Yes, frustrating! But I also love Stella!
  13. I got my Scorcher today. For some reason it was delayed in transit, took a long time from Japan outward office to Australia inward office (EMS = 11 days bah!!). No fault of Banzai just the postal service got slack. Considering this is my third Scorcher from Banzai in the past year, the kit box this time arrived in perfect condition which i am happy about. You don't get the same quality packaging as Stella, this is why in the past a few kits have had a few minor dents during transit. I think you can ask for extra padding but it cost more?! Anyway the kits i buy from banzai i intend to build anyway, so a NIB is not really my concern. To sum it up I am a Banzai fan....and will purchase more kits from them.
  14. Another Sand Scorcher 2010. Ordered it now before the Xmas postage congestion! Will build it on Boxing Day. Like old times!
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