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  1. I guess more of the materials used to protect the model. Cost would be helpfull as well.. .
  2. Hi guys was looking to sell some of my collection. Was wondering how most of you handle packing and shipping. I always find that to be the most challenging part of selling..any help would be great 👍
  3. Has anyone attempted making these or do any of you have these you can send ? Please advise and thanks in advance..
  4. Building my sand scorcher, I'm having issues with the ball joint on the front steering arm it doesn't want to go on ?? any tips would be very helpull.. I tried the ball joint for the other side and it seemed to work makes me think the screw is messed up.. However Tamiya only includes 2 of these ball joints in the kit ...... 40115 is the type of screw I know this because I just ordered some
  5. Hello all have to thin out my collection please check out my showroom and if interested message me and I can give you fair prices... I haven't been here in a while so im a bit rusty on the use of this website...But thanks for looking here is a quick link to anyone interested http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom.asp?id=1528
  6. Does anyone know if there exhists a paint mask to paint up a Frog I think that would be a great idea if anyone has the reasources to do this ? or if this is something that already exhists...I'm gonna give it a whirl and see what I come up with
  7. What should I look for to upgrade my tie rods.. I think the lengths are 50mm and 70mm.. is there an upgrade kit ?
  8. Hey Guys any other RC'ers out there in Brooklyn ? where do you run your cars.. Hope to hear from someone ....
  9. So any New Yorkers ? I still try to get to FBF as often as possible let me know if you guys are interested...
  10. Hey Guys have not been on in a while.. So I just picked a FAV up at my local shop in LI... Willis hobbies just got them in on Friday for all that are interested and in NY.. Its in Mineola.. I would call first though.. Will save you on tower hobbies shipping too..
  11. Was just wondering what I need to convert a Buggy Champ Chassis to fit a Sand Scorcher Body.
  12. This thread has really taken off .. If only someon had the Front damper stays of a Fast attack Vehicle I would be even happier .....
  13. It only takes one experience to sour foreign shippers... Ill still shop with them but i am wary...Dude was from spain and boy did he take me fora ride ...
  14. sold out!!! But that thanks anyway I just picked up from EBAY for the same price 319.... woo hooo
  15. So whats the deal tamiya re-issues a car and doesnt produce enough. What are they trying to do raise the cost on their new re-issue buggy ? Been searching for a couple of days now seems like the only places that have it in stock are in Hong Kong (Im very wary of foreign shippers) anyone know any local hobby stores that are selling this model in the US Tower is out of stock. also on a side note still looking for fast attack vehicle front dampers stays I have wild one stays if someone wants to trade...
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