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  1. Have you got any pics mate. I have got a blackfoot rolling chassis with some servo's in it ready for resto if your interested?
  2. You my friend are an Emissary of knowledge and i bow to your feet. Its working now, did that what you said and then all of a sudden the thing was trying mount my laptop. I dont know what that does butit worked. My great Thanks.
  3. It wont let me switch it 180 as its got those funny bevelled edges on one side.
  4. Because i havent sold my donor Blackfoot chassis i want to get rid for something different now. I haven't got the cash to buy a nib car so will look at trades. I have got a blackfoot chassis with some servo,s and the reveiver that it had on it. But it is generally good condition, i think the bits that are missing or could do with repair are the rear body mounts. I can pm pics i think i have got some somehwere. I would really like a hummer , obviously i wont expect a full runner, even a body and chassis will do, even just a rolling chassis. Im not into buggys but might consider other stuff but this chassis needs to go before i build another Blackfoot. Cheers people.
  5. Pardon me for being thick, when you say Rx i presume you mean receiver. Its an AR-2/40. Correct me if im wrong. I think the brown wire is on the outer edge yes.
  6. Even when i have gone through the setup again it jerks sll four wheels like its reset itself then just goes back to a solid red light, which according to the leaflet that came with it says no signal but it must be receiving signal because when i swapped them round the motor turned.
  7. Ive got it so that ch1 is the steering as its that on the handset and then ch2 is the esc.
  8. Still the same, im starting to think my ESC is dead and im going to have to go back to the shop. The same happened on the other radio gear nothing moved apart from the steering and the red light is still on. Can these ESC's be reset?
  9. Just tried the lads radio transmitter and still nothing. Both of them cant be faulty because i was running the Blackfoot this morning.
  10. Im running with the gear i got with the kit deal. Its an Acoms Techniplus 40mhz 2 Channel setup. My lad has got the same with his blackfoot, im wondering if i swap the crystals and see if that one works???
  11. Right did that. Swapped the esc wires round so the forward reverse should do steering and vice versa, heres what happened. Forwards and backwards stick did nothing, nothing moved, Left on the steering stick made the car drive forwards, right did nothing.??????
  12. Checked it again and still nothing. Checked the wiring, and thats ok as all the channels match with the receiver and transmitter wires. Battery is fully charged and the batterys in the remote are fine. I dont know where i have gone wrong. Stab at the dark but if i had fried the esc it would show signs wouldn't it? because it looks fine.
  13. Iwill check this out in the morning guys as its late, but i cant figure out why its just started now as i havent changed anything since the last time i ran it. ght doesn't go green when i move the throttle stick although it will go into setup mode and then both lights come on and the wheels jerk a tiny amount as if to say we are set ready to run and then it goes back to red light and nothing happens. ANNOYED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. I went to run my gtr the other night and it wont respond to the transmitter. The batteries are fine and the steering servo still moves but the esc wont turn the motor. Its got power but i have a red light which suggests a signal problem but it was fine the other night when it was running. Its a mtroniks eco20 by the way, and its not running hot or anything like that its just not moving. Any ideas or known remedies please.? Thanks.
  15. i would of done but i only had cash on me at the time and couldn't go all the way for rims aswell.
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