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  1. I want a Mounty to go with my Bruiser, mostly 'cause the bruiser was a fun build especially comared to a hi-lift kit. But I still need to get the shell painted for my Bruiser. Ugh.
  2. I have *got* to get around to finishing my Hilux. It's been half assembled for a year now. The thought of painting made me sandbag the project...
  3. Yea, you are not alone my friend. I've got the same bug although to a bit lesser degree. I can never leave well enough alone, theres always BETTER! And if you aren't doing full bearings in everything, well.. you just don't love your models
  4. Didn't see the SC, saw the Mountaineer. Already did up a bruiser as soon as they hit, so I'm not sure I need a Mounty. On the other hand, I *need* a BigWig and 959 re-re!
  5. What is that over there!? OH NO! It's... It's a... This should be a fun project. My Sherman will finally have an opponent. One that severely outclasses it no less. ps. Haven't been here in quite some time, sad to see that I haven't really missed an big re-re announcements
  6. Wow, just looking at the beautiful machined parts.... so lovely. Fantastic work! Can't wait to see the finished article!
  7. Looks pretty good to me. I've been wanting to pick up a Tiger and paint it up Afrika Korps style.. yours is great inspiration!
  8. I've been building a Hilux high-lift since completeing my Bruiser re-re. I'm not impressed at all. The gearbox seems questionable in comparison, the plastic differential case which had all sorts of flashing inside that I had to sand smooth to make the thing axles turn without binding... I was really expecting a lot more out of the highlift kit, I mean... there was a chance to make things better and it really seems like a step down to me. Buy the bruiser.
  9. I wanted this one soooo bad, love the "realistic" looking buggies the most and this one packed a Technigold! I also seem to recall Tamiya touting the wider chassis tub for the newly released 8.4v NiCd packs.. Make it so, Tamiya!
  10. Not available in the USA? Maybe not, but still got my hands on one in 3 days...
  11. Hey Speedy, I saw this today and thought of your project. Wonder how similar it is to what you have come up with... http://www.bigsquidrc.com/burn-effect-smoke-generator-for-rc-drifting/
  12. Stella's shipping to the US is about $80 for that kit size. I paid $642 + $30 shipping from a place in NY. Either way, its pretty easy to beat Tower's pricing on this one via a variety of vendors!
  13. Gold member discounts are $105 for $700 and $120 for $800. These are slightly better than their standard super saver club numbers. As of a few months ago, Tower raised most of their prices a few percent so you really need to join their "club" to get good prices. And need to buy a substantial amount of stuff to get to the second tier of codes... I actually bought my Bruiser from a US ebay seller as I got a better price than Tower had at the time.
  14. The battery was a completely random "Hey, I wonder how long it'll take to get here on a boat!" experiment. The answer was 2 months And as it turns out, Tamiya Lithium batteries use completely different balancing connectors than anything else. Not sure how to overcome that just yet... S15 looks like it will be a nice sistership for the MFour from last weeks haul, and why not put Ti screws in the MFour right?
  15. I like where this is going... chopped roofline looks badass!
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