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  1. I've been away from the forums for about a year, came back to this fantastic news. My dad bought be a super champ second hand when I was a kid, we both knew nothing about RC cars and when the electronics gave up we didn't know how to fix them. I didn't even know or understand what the car was. It was only when I started buying the kits as an adult that I remembered the super champ. I've been waiting for this re-release for years. WOOHOO!
  2. Comes with tamiya ESC, superstock motor and steering servo. Just needs radio gear.
  3. Would prefer to sell complete. I have the mirrors and spoiler, just not fitted yet. You could buy complete and sell the rest?
  4. Hi Folks, One photo of each, contact me if you're interested: Calibra Cliff - TA-03F Chassis - New build, never been driven, shelf queen - Rare car in this condition £180 Astra DTM - TT-01 Chassis, Chassis is used, has a hairline crack (only £12 for a new chassis), running upgraded shocks, one is cracked. Shell only used once, never rolled, no scrapes. Tyres are almost new, has the upgraded gear set. More info on request £100 ONO Buddy Champ / Rough rider Re-re. Almost shelf queen, has a brand new ball diff, was driven once, car rolled slowly and has very very minor scratching to roof decals. New decals would correct. chassis is as/new and no marks. Tyres are as/new. £200 - Would consider cheaper price with Diff replaced for standard (diff cost me £35 alone!) Porsche 911 - New build, GT01 Chassis, never run, shell unpainted and as/new. £80 ONO
  5. Thanks. It's paid now and I'll find out why it's so high when it arrives :-)
  6. Hi folks, I ordered a RSR Porsche (GT01) from hong kong. Got it cheaper than in the UK and thought it would arrive ok as all my parts usually come from Hong Kong. However got a letter today from parcel force asking for £35.31 VAT and £8 handling charge. Does this amount sound right? The car only cost £68 plus postage so £35.31 vat sounds excessive to me. Has anyone got kits sent from abroad without incurring any charges? I'd like to know if this is really common as I'll know in future to just buy in the UK. Keith
  7. Can anyone recommend a 7.4v lipo to fit the buggy champ? Thanks Keith
  8. The rough rider was re-released on its 30th birthday -2009, same for the sand scorcher -2010. The super champ was released in 1982 so 2012 is 30 years, but so far there is no mention of a re-release. It was my first proper rc car as a child, I no longer have it, so I'm really hoping they re-release it!
  9. Didn't get any tamiya this Christmas. So instead bought myself a Porsche RSR on the GT-01 chassis. Cant wait for it to arrive :-)
  10. Can anyone find me a SRB diff for sale? They seem to be no longer serviced and there isn't even any on eBay :-( Help :-) Keith
  11. Just pray that they re-re the super champ. 2009 = 30th anniversary of the buggy champ, and a re-re 2010= 30th anniversary of the sand scorcher, and a re-re 2012 will be the 30th anniversary of the super champ...... PLEASE MR TAMIYA!
  12. I got my Buggy Champ on ebay for £207 with free delivery. Ebay seems to be your best bet!
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