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  1. I measured my old Scorcher and it is 72.7mm or 73mm. Hope this helps you! Cheers A.W
  2. Congrats to you both! great pictures Merry Christmas to all TC members! Alex
  3. Vagabond how is the filming going? any tests you can show us?
  4. Great job on the Frog! I think i must get mine sorted out. Cheers Alex
  5. Does anybody know if this kit http://www.hobbycity.com/hobbycity/store/u...?idproduct=9770 will work on a AM Radio? as it says FM/PPM in the description.
  6. Original Blackfoot with sporttuned and oilshocks my brushless Blackfoot Extreme was fun but i put that motorsetup in a Slash4x4 before it was completely wasted
  7. Good to hear I'm not the only one whith these problems. Cheers Alex
  8. Is there anyone that has had problems with these cheap servos? they seem to interfere whith the radio signal causing all kinds of problems. I am running a 2.4gig Eurgle and it's been totaly glitch free until now. I got my Slash roller yesterday and mounted a MG995 servo that i got of the Bay a few months ago. It worked ok for the first few runs but then it started behaving strange braking by itself, but the steering worked,anyways i tried another new receiver but the problem was still there so i tried an old acoms servo and the problem went away Cheers Alex
  9. Hi there i measured my ranger body and it's 11mm Cheers Alex
  10. I recently installed a 9t EZrun in my Blackfoot extreme and it really flies now. So far the only thing thats broken is the stupid rear bodymounts! One problem though is that a hardcase lipo wont fit in the battery holder so i had to mount it on top of the chassie giving it a bit high COG.
  11. Mounted a brushless system to my Blackfoot extreme Wow now that car is pretty fast!! also i had to make a new rear bodymount to replace Tamiyas comedy piece of s**t mount, now it should take a bit more abuse
  12. I bought a spare chassie with out a body, I got it mainly for the tires, and it came with an original box! but now i think i will make it into a runner. I just got to find a cheap body. If anyone has got anything suitable please pm me Thank's for the additional info WW-nut Cheers
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