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  1. Tipsy

    Perth Western Australia

    Sorry I didn't make it guys. We had a corporate day at the V8s.
  2. Tipsy

    Perth Western Australia

    That's good for me too. I'm already prepped.
  3. Tipsy

    SpeedPassion Revention S brushless combo

    Thanks guys. I see the wifi and Bluetooth is not compatible with later IOS versions.
  4. Tipsy

    SpeedPassion Revention S brushless combo

    What the opinion on this brushless set? I have been looking at buying for the last week. Wish it came with the 10.5 sensored, but the sensorless looks good enough
  5. Tipsy

    Perth Western Australia

    Another great day out. Well done to the guys from Carine RC club that not only allowed us to use their track, but even arranged a BBQ for us this time. Had some good running, but this time spent more time marshalling or taking pics. The Egress race pics (2 cars!) were plentiful. I've added the better ones below. Roll on the next event, even if its just a bash near the airport. A re-release RC10 made it to the races. Hotshot in the background. Spot the Boomerang :-) The Egress race lineup. Nice compression before the jump. Matman's about to leap Thommo's big air Maybe a little close on this one
  6. Tipsy

    how many do you have

    42 NIB. 40 New Built 8 Runners
  7. Tipsy

    Perth Western Australia

    Hey Thommo, Well done on organising another meet. Im back from my 2 weeks overseas, and will certainly be able to attend. Although most of my cars are brushless, i'm sure i can bring some stock/Sport Tuned/TZ/RZ typr motors to slot in place. My get my novaFox built as I managed to get an original NIB Fox just before my trip. (Soon to update sowroom with 3 NIB's purchased just before my trip). I've got a folding table too so will bring along.
  8. Tipsy

    How do you display your collection

    I did the next best thing. Bought more shelves The Ivar shelf system is almost micro adjustable for height, but needed to keep the tyres off. I have 2 more shelves. One for the other New Built (can just be seen in the photo), and one for my runners.
  9. Tipsy

    How do you display your collection

    Good old ikea shelves with lexan supports to keep the tyres off the shelf.
  10. I'd say you have built it correctly. I've just compared to my New Build original, and that is the exact same. I think if you have a look inside the white parts you should see that the plastic inbuilt bearing is actually not as wide as the part if you put a bearing in.
  11. Tipsy

    Perth Western Australia

    Guys, How about having 2 runs? One in October and one in November? See what interest is about obviously, but it would be a shame to miss out on any get together.
  12. Tipsy

    Perth Western Australia

    Hey Thommo. Travel....what a pain! Im not in the country on the 6th, but will be around from the 27th Oct onwards, so I would make sure im about any of the Sundays from then?
  13. Tipsy

    Perth Western Australia

    I'm not going to be around much in October, but September is good. I'd prefer the track. It catered really well for us last time out.
  14. Tipsy

    58577 Nova Fox

    Same here.
  15. Tipsy

    Hobby Shop Ram-Raid

    Its only 5-10 mins away from me.